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Stalk the night with this sleek and easy-to-make Umbreon Cosplay idea

How To Dress Like Umbreon

What happens when you pair Eevee with a night owl trainer? You get one of the sleekest-looking Pokemon of all time that’s what! Umbreon, otherwise known as the Moonlight Pokemon (now that’s a cool nickname), is one of Eevee’s most popular evolutions.

Making your own DIY Umbreon cosplay could not be simpler. With little more than a black bodysuit and some yellow fabric paint, we show you exactly how to dress like Umbreon for your next costume party or Comic-con event.


Umbreon (Pokemon) DIY costume guide

1. EARS – We wanted to make a super quick and easy Umbreon that would be ideal for a last-minute costume party. So we started with a simple pair of bunny ears that can be picked up anywhere (we will be painting them soon).

2. BODYSUIT – Next, add a black full-bodysuit. Alternatively, a black tee and trousers or a skirt (maybe with some cute black tube socks?) would also work perfectly well.

3. FABRIC PAINT – You will need quality fabric paint (ideally one that works on synthetic and natural fibers) in a bright yellow. Paint two rings around the ears and a couple of circles on your legs. 

4. FOOTWEAR – Shoes are dealers choice. We went for a sexy pair of black platform heels for our Umbreon costume but heels or flats are also fine.

5. GLOVES – We then added a pair of silky soft black gloves and we are now dressed head-to-toe in black!

6. HAIR TIE – A yellow hair tie or scrunchie is a cute finishing touch that just rounds this whole look off nicely.



Umbreon was first introduced in the second generation of Pokemon Games (Gold and Silver) as #197 in the Pokedex. It is a Dark-type Pokemon that evolves from Eevee once it is happy enough to evolve and provided it is nighttime:

Night: Umbreon; Daytime: Espeon.

Umbreon is referred to as the “Moonlight Pokemon” and is known for its sneaky and often deceptive moves, as well as its solid defensive capabilities. 

More DIY 'Umbreon' Cosplay Ideas

When we started researching for our Umbreon tutorial we were blown away by all the creative ways amateur and professional cosplayers have interpreted this beloved character.

We decided to go down the simple route. Something quick and effective that anyone could make at home, even last minute.

However, if you have some time and your hand and would prefer something more impactful, we highly recommend checking out some of our favorite outfits on Pinterest. Trust us, you will not be disappointed!