Heal battle-scarred Pokemon in style with this cute-as-heck Nurse Joy cosplay

Nurse Joy cosplay

How To Dress Like Nurse Joy

As the only healer of Pokemon in town, Nurse Joy is an indispensable part of the wider Pokemon world. It also just so happens that her retro-inspired nurse uniform is absolutely adorable!

Do you want to know how to make your own Nurse Joy cosplay? Well, you are certainly in the right place! From the best vintage nurse uniform to a specially-made Nurse Joy wig, we are here to show you everything you need.


Nurse Joy (Pokemon) DIY costume guide

1. DRESS – Our Nurse Joy cosplay starts with an adorable pink retro dress with a Peter Pan collar. While not identical to the one worn by Nurse Joy, we’re sure she would approve!

2. APRON – Next, add a similarly retro apron over your dress. We’re not sure an apron is necessary as Nurse Joy doesn’t seem to get her hands dirty too often but it’s always better safe than sorry.

3. WIG – This pink wig was designed specifically for a Nurse Joy cosplay like ours and we couldn’t be happier with it, it really is perfect.

4. FLATS – Sensible footwear is a must when you spend all day healing battle-injured Pokemon. A plain pair of white, strappy flats is just what the Doctor ordered.

5. NURSE HAT – We love the whole vintage vibe of this nurse uniform, particularly this 20th-century-inspired nurse’s hat.

6. CLEFAIRY PLUSH – Because sometimes even the best of nurses need a helping hand, this Clefairy is on call to jump in whenever you need it.

7. POKEBALL – Finally, any Nurse Joy outfit worth its salt needs a Pokeball, hopefully housing a freshly healed and happy Pokemon friend.


Nurse Joy is responsible for overseeing the Pokemon centers, essential facilities in the Pokemon world where trainers can heal their Pokemon after battles.

There are multiple Nurse Joys spread across all regions and, while most look identical, there are some variations. Certain Nurse Joys, for example, specialize in treating certain Pokemon types such as Water-types or Ice-types.

It is not made clear how there are so many Nurse Joys but the running gag among fans of the series is that they are part of some government-backed cloning program.

More DIY 'Nurse Joy' Cosplay Ideas

Nurse Joy is a much-loved Pokemon character who has been with us since the very beginning. She has also appeared in almost every episode of the Pokemon Series, highlighting just how indispensable her role is in the wider Pokemon universe.

No wonder then, that Nurse Joy is such a hugely popular cosplay option. This is a fun and easy outfit to make at home and is sure to be a huge hit with any fans of the series!

Check out more of our favorite homemade Nurse Joy costumes on Pinterest and don’t miss the rest of our Pokemon Series for even more DIY guides!