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Make a big splash with this showstopping Vaporeon cosplay tutorial

Vaporeon cosplay

How To Dress Like Vaporeon

What happens when you befriend Eevee while the Pokemon is holding a Water Stone? You get one of the most unique and eye-catching Eevee evolutions of all time, that’s what!

Vaporeon is a hugely popular look within the cosplay and festival community and with good reason: This is personally one of our favorite Pokemon outfits of all time. From an ephemeral, water-inspired skirt to the best tail and headband you could hope to find, this is everything you need to dress like Vaporeon.


Vaporeon (Pokemon) DIY costume guide

1. CROP TOP – Going with a beachy aesthetic felt like a no-brainer for this Vaporeon costume. To that end, we started with a cute strapless cami top with a silky smooth feel.

2. VAPOREON COSPLAY SET – If you don’t feel like making your own props from scratch then we highly recommend this accessory set from Etsy. Complete with tail, ears headband, and collar.

3. WIG – Seriously, how stunning is this wavy blue cosplay wig? We can’t help but think of waves brushing against sand when we look at it!

4. SKIRT – Keeping with the ocean theme, this layered midi tutu has a beautiful water and ephemeral quality.

5. NECKLACE – If you would prefer something a little more subtle than the ruffled collar (perhaps for a rave or festival?) then this shell necklace is a great alternative.

6. EARRINGS – Again, if those Vaporeon ears are not your style, then these Elf earrings are another stunning option.

7. GEMS – For a festival-appropriate look, these blue face gems are a great addition to this Vaporeon costume.

8. GLOVES – Finally, add a pair of fingerless silk gloves and your outfit is ready!


Vaporeon #134 first appeared in the first generation of Pokemon games as Eevee’s Water-type evolution. To get a Vaporeon, Eevee must be holding a Water Stone while evolving.

Resembling a quadrupedal creature with sleek bluish fur, fin-like ears and a ruffled collar around its neck, Vaporeon, like many Water-type Pokemon, has something of a regal quality about it. 

Vaporeon is often depicted as a calm and graceful Pokemon who, like all of Eevee’s evolutions, shows an unwavering loyalty to its Pokemon trainer.

More DIY 'Vaporeon' Cosplay Ideas

Vaporeon is a super popular costume option for cosplay events, as well as festivals and raves. Is there any wonder? When done right, this look can be an absolute world-beater!

We have compiled some of our favorite Vaporeon cosplays from across Pinterest, including all the ones that inspired our own tutorial, as well as some fantastic makeup tutorials we highly recommend checking out.

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