Intertwine yourself with this beautiful and elegant Sylveon Pokemon cosplay

Sylveon cosplay

How To Dress Like Sylveon

What is the cutest Eevee evolution? Surely there is no debate, it has to be Sylveon, Right? Just look at that cheeky smile and little bow tie, adorable!

Dress like Sylveon with just a few simple accessories. If you don’t want to make your own props we even have the best handmade Sylveon cosplay set just waiting for you! This is everything you need to know to make your own outfit at home.


Sylveon (Pokemon) DIY costume guide

1. DRESS – For our cosplay we started with a white summer dress with a bow tie collar, not unlike the one Sylveon has around her neck. 

2. CORSET – Next, we added a lacey corset belt around the waist to recreate that pink and white color scheme. Again with a bow tie to continue that motif throughout the entire outfit.

3. ACCESSORY SET – If you don’t feel like making your own ears, tail, and bow tie, we highly recommend this best-selling Sylveon cosplay set from Etsy. The quality is fantastic and the whole set is very well-priced.

4. TIGHTS – Continuing the pink and white color scheme, add a pair of light pink tights. 

5. HEELS – We felt these pink stiletto heels with a bow tie straps were just perfect for our outfit. Of course, flats or even sneakers would work just fine.

6. WIG – Finally, a pink wig or temporary hair dye is an absolute must! And, just like that, your stunning Sylveon costume is ready to go.


Sylveon #700 was first introduced in the sixth generation of Pokemon games (X and Y) as a Fairy-type Eevee evolution. Eevee evolves into Sylveon through high friendship and learning a Fairy-type move such as Moonblast.

Sylveon is considered an elegant and graceful Pokemon with strong bonds of loyalty to their owners. They have various unique moves such as Cute Charm, which can cause Pokemon of the opposite gender to become infatuated, and Pixilate, which can transform normal type pokemon into Fairy-types.

More DIY 'Sylveon' Cosplay Ideas

Sylveon has become something of a viral phenomenon within the cosplay community over the years. Not only is it a popular option for Comic-con events and Halloween parties but raves and festivals too. 

It is a versatile look that can be adapted to be as cute or as naughty as you want! Our Sylveon outfit definitely errs more on the cute and cuddly side of things but there are plenty of ways to add your own spin to this Pokemon.

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