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Serenade your fellow Pokemon with this adorable Jigglypuff cosplay tutorial

Jigglypuff cosplay

How To Dress Like Jigglypuff

Don’t be fooled by that cuddly pink exterior, Jigglypuff has a mischievous streak a mile long. Whatever you do, do not fall asleep in front of her or you might wake up with some questionable permanent marker drawings on your face!

Dressing like Jigglypuff is so easy and just perfect for all our pink girlies. We want to share our own take on this iconic Pokemon and hopefully help you while making your own adorable outfit.


Jigglypuff (Pokemon) DIY costume guide

1. DRESS – There is plenty of room to put your own spin on this versatile Jigglypuff costume. We went for a cute summer dress with a square neck but a T-shirt dress or bodycon dress would also work perfectly. Just make sure it’s pink!

2. CAT EARS – Add a pair of furry cat ears and your outfit is already starting to take shape.

3. MICROPHONE – Jigglypuff is the Pokemon with a voice so sweet it can literally put anyone to sleep. Now you can do the same with your own Karaoke microphone to hand.

4. HEELS – Again, your choice of footwear really is up to you. We felt a strappy pair of platform heels was girly enough that Jigglypuff would approve while remaining practical for all the hijinx this Pokemon finds itself in!

5. TIGHTS – Optional but a pair of lighter pink tights could help ramp up the cuteness of this outfit while also adding extra tones and depth.

6. WIG – Finally, unless you’re happy to dye your hair pink for the night, we highly recommend this wavy and long cosplay wig.


Jigglypuff #039 was introduced in the first series of Pokemon games (Red and Blue) as a Normal-type and has been a central character of the series ever since.

She resembles a small, pink ball with large blue eyes and cat-like ears. Jigglypff’s main ability is a powerful lullaby that can put other Pokemon and even trainers to sleep. This power is used for all kinds of hijinx, as Jigglypuff is often presented as a mischievous and playful Pokemon.

In the Pokemon Animated Series, it is a running gag that Jigglypuff likes to draw on the faces of their victims while they sleep, post-lullaby.

More DIY 'Jigglypuff' Cosplay Ideas

I think we can all agree, Jigglypuff is one of the most adorable Pokemon out there. Sure, she might look all pink and cuddly but she also has a fiery and mischievous side that we can all resonate with.

Being a super simple outfit to make means that there is more than one way to interpret Jigglypuff and plenty of room to add your own unique spin to this look.

If you’re still looking for inspiration, why not check out more of our favorite homemade Jigglypuff cosplays here?