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Catch your favorite Water-type Pokemon with this cute and simple Misty outfit idea

Misty cosplay

How To Dress Like Misty

Ash Ketchum’s faithful companion might be a lover of Water Pokemon but don’t let that fool you, she has fire running through her veins. Misty is the hot-headed Water Gym leader we can’t help but love.

Her whole outfit, from the red suspenders to her denim short shorts to her red high tops is truly iconic. It is also super easy to make for yourself, which is always a bonus in our eyes! Read on for everything you need to make a fun and sexy Misty costume.


Sexy Misty (Pokemon) DIY costume guide

1. TOP – Start your look with a plain yellow crop top.

2. SHORTS – Add a pair of denim shorts. How short you go depends on just how sexy and revealing you want your Misty costume to be!

3. SUSPENDERS – Misty wears a pair of red suspenders over her top and clipped to her shorts.

4. SHOES – Next, you will need a pair of red canvas high tops. Optionally, you could use some yellow fabric paint to draw her zigzag pattern.

5. POKEBALL – You can’t hope to catch ’em all without a trusty Pokeball to hand. Note, that this toy does not come with a Pokemon inside.

6. TOGEPI PLUSH – Misty loves all Water-type Pokemon but arguably her most loyal companion is the adorable Togepi.

7. SCRUNCHIE – Tie your short red hair up in a loose ponytail with a blue scrunchie or hair tie.

8. HAIR DYE – Misty is a fantastic cosplay option for all you natural redheads out there. If that’s not you, then some temporary hair dye should do the trick!


Misty is introduced in the first generation of Pokemon games as the Gym Leader of Cerulean City, specializing in Water-type Pokemon.

In the animated series, Misty has a close relationship with lead protagonist Ash Ketchum and his friend Brock. The trio travels through several regions together, catching Pokemon and getting into adventures.

She is depicted as headstrong and confident with a fiery temper. Her love for all Water-type Pokemon is unrivaled, particularly for her own Psyduck, Staryu and Togepi.

More DIY 'Misty' Cosplay Ideas

Misty has to be one of our favorite costume ideas for huge Pokemon fans like ourselves. It’s fun, it’s sexy, and it’s so easy to make at home: perfect for last-minute Halloween parties or cosplay events.

We’re not alone in our love for this iconic character. Hundreds of professional and amateur cosplayers have put their own spin on this look.

We highly recommend checking out more of our favorite DIY Misty outfits on Pinterest if you are in need of some extra inspiratioN!