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Freeze out your competition with this cool-as-ice Glaceon cosplay tutorial

Glaceon cosplay

How To Dress Like Glaceon

Dress like Eevee’s Ice-type evolution Glaceon with our step-by-step costume guide. From where to find those distinctive ears to making a stunning, icey outfit, we show you everything you need.

Part of our Eevee Evolutions Collection; each costume is designed to be as easy as possible to make at home, even last-minute or on a budget, with as few as 5 accessories needed!

Glaceon (Pokemon) DIY costume guide

1. CROP TOP – Our super easy Glaceon costume starts with a cute ice blue crop top.

2. SKIRT – Next, a matching layered tulle skirt added texture and movement to our outfit.

3. GLACEON COSTUME SET – You could make your own props or you could purchase this stunning readymade set from Etsy. Kit includes ears headband and tail, designed specifically for a Glaceon cosplay.

4. WIG – A beautiful long and silky soft ice blue wig was a must for our look. Alternatively, temporary blue hair dye around the tips of your hair could be a great idea.

5. SOCKS – Adding the second shade of blue now, we went for a darker pair of ever-the-knee socks.

6. GLOVES – Finally, some matching fingerless gloves rounded out our look, providing the two-tone, icy finish we were looking for!


Glaceon #471, known as the “Fresh Snow Pokemon” is an Ice-type Pokemon introduced in the fourth generation of games (Diamond and Pearl).

Glaceon evolves from Eevee when it levels up near and an Ice Rock, a special environmental feature introduced in Diamond and Pearl.

In battle, Glaceon’s stats emphasize its special attack and defense attributes, making it a potent Ice-type attacker with good durability.

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Glaceon is one of the coolest Eevee evolutions (if you’ll excuse the pun). Dressing like Glaceon is also super easy to do with just a few simple accessories, making it ideal for a last-minute costume party or cosplay event.

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