Quiet MGSV (The Phantom Pain) Cosplay Guide

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So you want to make a Quiet cosplay? We don’t blame you. First introduced in MGS5: The Phantom Pain, Quiet is one of the best characters to ever be introduced to the series. We show you how to make the best Quiet cosplay possible including where to get everything you need and how to do your makeup just right.

Quiet (who’s real name is ‘Tixij’) was the sole survivor of a Central African village that was destroyed by the covert military unit “XOF” under the orders of its leader Skull Face. Quiet was then subjected to various experiments and injected with an experimental super-soldier serum known as the ‘Skull Face Parasite’.

This parasite gave Quiet some remarkable abilities. These include superhuman agility, endurance, and a capacity to camouflage herself into any environment, making her almost invisible.

The infection also gave her the ability to breathe through her skin, negating the need for a traditional respiratory system. This power came at a significant cost though: Her vocal chords. Quiet is unable to speak, meaning much of her dialogue with Big Boss and other characters is performed through non-verbal cues.

Despite her initial role as an antagonist and close ally of Skull Face, Quiet later forms a bond with Big Boss and his team. The player has the choice to either recruit her as an ally or leave her to fend for herself.

MGSV Quiet Costume

Quiet (Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain) cosplay guide

Buy Quiet costume items:

  1. Black shiny bikini
  2. Thigh-high back seam stockings
  3. Garter belt
  4. Latex elbow-length gloves
  5. Tactical boots
  6. Tactical suspenders
  7. Tactical hip pouch
  8. Tactical belt
  9. Military gloves
  10. Drop leg holster
  11. BB gun sniper rifle
  12. BB handgun

Quiet wears a combination of underwear and tactical gear. This makes a Quiet cosplay a fun and sexy costume idea for Halloween and cosplay events alike.

Start with a latex or wet-look bikini, thigh-high stockings, and a minimal garter belt. Quiet’s stockings have seen better days, with numerous runs and rips to the front and back. We recommend purchasing/using a pair of new stockings to begin with. This will allow you to DIY your own damage and get just the right look.

Next, Quiet has an elbow-length latex glove on her left arm and a tactical glove with knuckle protection on her right. Identity crisis, much? She also wears chunky military boots over her stockings because practicality is still important. This also makes a Quiet costume a highly practical choice for long cosplay events where you are going to spend a lot of time on your feet.

For her military uniform, you will need a tactical, quick-release belt and tactical suspenders. Quiet’s suspenders have shoulder pads to prevent rubbing against her bare skin and criss-cross straps at the back. Fasten these to your utility belt and wear them over your bikini.

Now you can add the finishing touches to your Quiet cosplay: a thigh gun holster and hip pouch. As Quiet’s costume is a little lacking in terms of functional storage, this pouch is a great place to keep all your personal possessions.

In MGSV, Quiet is a highly skilled marksman who prefers to fight from a distance with the help of her sniper rifle. Both this and a BB or toy handgun are optional accessories but they can really help to tie the whole costume together.

Quiet Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

Buy Quiet cosplay makeup items:

A side effect of the Skull Face Parasite Quiet is subjected to, her eyes and the area around them turn black whenever she uses her supernatural powers. Check out this short and sweet makeup tutorial from Mortemer if you want to achieve a similar effect for your Quiet cosplay.

Mortemer starts with a super simple base. Just some light contouring and a light pink lipstick. Quiet has a pale complexion and does not appear to wear much makeup so less is definitely more here.

Next, she uses a black eyeshadow and a brush to apply the ink splotches around her eyes. As Mortemer notes, Quiet’s eye makeup is slightly asymmetrical so don’t worry about getting each eye to match perfectly. You can use the reference picture below. What you’re looking for is a kind of ink splotch/Rorschach finish.

Finally, she pats on eyeshadow to create a darker finish and black mascara to define her eyelashes. And that’s all there is to it, super simple yet highly effective.

Eye makeup reference
Quiet cosplay eye makeup reference

Male Quiet Cosplay

Quiet cosplay ideas for men

For a fun and gender-bending take on the character, check out these male Quiet cosplays from Patrick Kennedy and Kyle Mistry.

These are two very different takes on the character’s outfit but both prove that provocative clothing and woefully impractical tactical attire are truly genderless.

Many of the same cosplay items can be transferred from the female outfit to the male Quiet costume. Particularly if you go a similar route as Kyle, who has tried to recreate the character as faithfully as possible.

If you want to take a slightly more masculine approach like Patrick, simply swap out the leather bikini for a pair of distressed jeans and the provocative latex glove for a black arm sleeve.

Whichever route you choose, we hope to see a lot more male Quiet costumes in the near future.

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