Grab your hammer because we’re about to cause havoc as Amy Rose from Sonic the Hedgehog

Adult Amy Rose costume

How To Dress Like Amy

Amy Rose was first introduced as Sonic the Hedgehog’s main love interest and, honestly, we couldn’t blame anyone for falling head-over-heels in love with her. With that red dress and huge hammer, this costume is as adorable as it is fierce!

From where to find the perfect dress to how to dress like the cutest pink hedgehog the world has ever seen, this is how to make your own Amy Rose costume for adults.


Amy Rose (Sonic) DIY costume guide

1. DRESS – We started with a cute retro red dress with a white belt. Although not identical to the one worn by Amy, we felt it worked perfectly well.

2. TIGHTS – Add a pair of pink tights to imitate Amy’s pink fur.

3. SNEAKERS – Next, a pair of red and white hi-tops look very similar to the ones worn by Amy. Converse would be perfect if you already have a pair at home.

4. HAMMER – While Rose’s mallet would surely put ours to shame, this kid’s toy is just a funny little addition to our cosplay. Just don’t expect too much!

5. GLOVES – Satin opera gloves are a cheap and easy option for recreating this look.

6. EARS – Crank up the adorability factor of your Amy Rose costume with a pair of furry pink fox ears.

7. BANGLES – These oversized bangles look almost identical to Amy’s gold rings. Just note, you will need two of them.

8. HEADBAND – Wear a simple red headband behind your cosplay ears.

9. WIG – Finally, unless you’re feeling brave enough to dye your hair, a short pink wig might be needed. Just like that, you’re ready to party!


Amy Rose was first introduced as a companion in the video game ‘Sonic the Hedgehog CD’, released in 1993. As a pink anthropomorphic hedgehog, she was meant as a love interest for Sonic, though she has since evolved into a more independent and capable character over the years.

She is known for her cheery and optimistic personality, as well as for wielding an oversized red hammer which she uses as both a weapon and a crafting tool.


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We can’t blame Sonic the Hedgehog for falling in love with Amy Rose, she is adorable! Could this be the hottest Couple’s costume idea of 2024? We would love to see that.

Amy Rose is a super cute and relatively easy cosplay to make at home with just a few everyday accessories. You’re in good company too with dozens more brilliant homemade costumes to draw inspiration from.

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