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Get your hands on the master emerald and prepare for world domination with our hilarious Dr. Eggman costume

Dr. Eggman costume

How To Dress Like Dr. Robotnik

Although a man of unfortunate proportions, Dr. Eggman has big dreams for himself. Using the power of the chaos emeralds and a mechanical robot army, he plans nothing short of world domination. If only Sonic and his pesky companions would stop interfering.

From his iconic jacket to his legendary mustache, we show you everything you need to make this hilarious Dr. Eggman costume idea.


Dr. Eggman (Mario) DIY costume guide

1. HOODIE – This authentic hoodie is a great place to start based on the video game depiction od Dr Eggman.

2. JEANS – Best skip leg day this week because it’s time to slip into the skinniest pair of black jeans you can find.

3. GOGGLES – You see anyone wearing these welder goggles and doesn’t it just scream maniacal scientist hell-bent on world domination?

4. BOOTS – Don a futuristic pair of knee-high boots to elongate your frame and take the focus away from the rotund midriff.

5. GLOVES – Add a pair of plain white gloves. Trust us, Santa Claus gloves work particularly well for this DIY Dr. Robotnik costume.

6. MUSTACHE – Dr. Robotnik’s mustache is the stuff of legend. Few men have the power to grow something so majestic so we recommend a suitable fake alternative.

7. BALD CAP – Finally, if you’re blessed to still have a full head of hair, a bald cap is definitely on the cards. 


Dr. Eggman (or Dr. Robotnik depending on the region) is the primary antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. He is characterized as an overweight mad scientist with a bushy mustache and a distinctive futuristic red jacket.

Eggman is an ambitious and cunning villain with dreams of world domination, which he hopes to achieve with the construction of a robot army. He also dreams of acquiring the chaos emeralds and master emerald and harnessing their power for his nefarious gains.

Despite his intelligence and technical knowledge, Dr. Eggman is thwarted by Sonic and his allies at every turn,

More DIY 'Dr. Eggman' Costume Ideas

As maniacal as he is hilarious, Dr Robotnik is hands-down one of our favorite costumes from our Sonic the Hedgehog Collection. With a nickname like Eggman, world domination might remain forever out of his reach but one of the funniest Halloween costume ideas of all time? Now that seems more realistic. 

Although we respect Jim Carey’s reinterpretation of this classic video game character, Dr. Eggman will always be a rotund ball with skinny legs to us. 

Whichever costume you prefer, check out some of our favorite homemade looks on Pinterest for more inspiration.