Pummel Dr. Eggman into the dirt with our DIY Knuckles costume guide from Sonic the Hedgehog

Knuckles costume

How To Dress Like Knuckles

Who is the coolest Sonic the Hedgehog character of all-time? We think a serious case could be made for Knuckles the Echidna. A red devil with a gruff voice and literal spikes on his gloves which he uses to beat the hell out of anyone foolish enough to get too close to the Master Emerald. Need we say more?

From his deadly gloves to his red fur, we show you everything you need to make a badass Knuckles costume in no time at all.


Knuckles (Sonic the Hedgehog) DIY costume guide

1. BEANIE – Here, we started with this cool and authentic hat, complete with his signature dreads.

2. BODYSUIT – Next, a red bodysuit saves you from breaking out a can of red paint. Easy and effective.

3. GLOVES – No Knuckles cosplay would be complete without his spiked gloves, which he uses to scale walls and pulverize his adversaries.

4. FABRIC – A small amount of white fabric is needed if you want to recreate Knuckles’s white chest fur. Glue or stitch onto your morphsuit as needed.

5. SOCKS – To recreate the green ankle bracelets Knuckles wears, we went for a pair of green tube socks.

6. SHOES – For his footwear, a pair of red sneakers work perfectly well. Alternatively, these Sonic-inspired shoes are a great option.

7. FACEPAINT – Finally, grab your facepaint palette to paint on that black nose and your Knuckles costume is ready to go!


Knuckles is an echidna (a small mammal native to Australia) who first debuted in the 1994 video game ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 3’ on the Sega Genesis.

He is typically portrayed as a stoic and serious character with a strong sense of duty and right and wrong. As the last member of the Knuckles clan, he is tasked with protecting the Master Emerald, a responsibility he takes very seriously.

Knuckles is blessed with incredible strength and agility, as well as the ability to glide across and climb up walls with his spiked gloves.

More DIY 'Knuckles' Costume Ideas

Looking for a more ‘adult’ Sonic the Hedgehog costume idea? Well, Knuckles is the most serious Echidna in town.

He treats his duty as sworn protector of the Master Emerald with the utmost gravity and he is ready to pummel Dr. Robotnic into the dirt if he dares get too close.

That aside though, Knuckles is a super fun and easy costume idea for fans of the original games or cartoons, as well as the live-action adaptations. For more cosplay inspiration, check out some of our favorite homemade costumes on Pinterest!