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Join Sonic and stop Dr. Robotnik from building an unstoppable robot army as the man Tails himself

Adult Tails costume

How To Dress Like Tails

Every hero needs a best friend and sidekick they can depend on. Enter Tails, who was first introduced as Sonic’s friend in the sequel to the smash-hit original Sonic the Hedgehog. Fans of the original game might have a love-hate relationship with this talking fox but he is almost as much an indispensable part of this beloved franchise as the main hedgehog himself.

From where to find your two tails to how to dress like an orange, human-sized fox, we show you everything you need to make this look for yourself.


Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog) DIY costume guide

1. TANK TOP – To start, we went for a plain orange tank top to show off them foxy gains!

2. JOGGERS – Add a matching pair of orange sweatpants because today we’re cosplaying in style and comfort.

3. FABRIC – To make Tails’s white chest we used regular cotton fabric and cut out a rough oval shape. You can then glue or stitch this onto your vest.

4. RINGS – How many times did Tails and his ineptitude cause us to lose rings? Best keep a couple in the back pocket, just to be safe.

5. FOX ACCESSORIES – Add a pair of furry fox ears and a matching tail. For the best Tails costume possible you are going to want two tails.

6. GLOVES – A pair of white tuxedo gloves work perfectly for this outfit.

7. SHOES – Unfortunately we couldn’t find any Tails-specific shoes but they are nearly identical to the ones worn by his best friend, Sonic.



Tails (real name Miles Prower) was first introduced in Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2 as Sonic’s best friend and sidekick.

He is an anthropomorphic fox with two tails (naturally) which he uses to propel himself high into the sky like a helicopter. He is known for his mechanical skills (even building Sonic his very own biplane) and general intelligence. For anyone who grew up playing the original Sonic sequel, he is also bitterly remembered for losing countless of our rings.

Tails skills as an inventor and commitment to Sonic as an ally have made him an enduring and beloved character within the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

More DIY 'Tails' Costume Ideas

Tails might not be quite as popular a cosplay choice as his buddy Sonic, but he is a great option if you’re pairing up with a friend or looking to make a cute and cuddly couple’s costume idea.

For more ideas, see our favorite homemade Tails outfits from across Pinterest which inspired us while putting together our own little guide! 

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