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Dress like Rouge the Bat from Sonic the Hedgehog with this seductive idea

Sexy Rouge the Bat costume

How To Dress Like Rouge

Rouge the Bat is a relative newcomer to the Sonic the Hedgehog ensemble. Despite that, her love for all things shiny and breathtaking character design quickly cemented her as a fan favorite.

This Rouge costume is for those naughty adults who love nothing more than an excuse to slip into a leather outfit, complete with knee-high boots and elbow-length boots. Well, we have you covered with our step-by-step Rouge the Bat costume guide.


Rouge the Bat (Sonic) DIY costume guide

1. CORSET – Are you a fan of leather? Then this is the outfit for you! Start off this fun and sexy look with a seductive leather corset.

2. PANTS – Add a matching pair of sexy leather pants. Rouge is nothing if not a little naughty.

3. BAT WINGS – These minimal bat wings are a super cute addition to this Rouge cosplay while remaining practical.

4. GLOVES – Next, slip into a pair of hot wet-look, elbow-length gloves.

5. BOOTS – Any excuse to wear a tasty pair of knee-high boots is a plus in our books and this Rouge the Bat costume is just that opportunity.

6. EYESHADOW – Despite her name, Rouge loves some blue eyeshadow and we are here for it!

7. CRAFT LEATHER – Feeling creative? Craft leather is perfect for adding those little details that will take your Rouge cosplay to the next level. Cut out your heart breastplate, as well as smaller hearts for the tips of your boots.

8. WIG – A silvery/white wig is a good option for this look.

9. BAT EARS – Finally, add a furry ear headpiece and your DIY Rouge costume is officially looking sexy as hell!


Rouge the Bat was first introduced to the Sonic the Hedgehog series in the 2001 video game ‘Sonic Adventures 2’ for the Sega Dreamcast.

Her main goal in life is to collect and hoard as many jewels and treasures as she can get her hands on (relatable, much?). This has led her to clash with other characters – both heroes and villains.

Despite her morally ambiguous character, she is depicted as having a good sense of humor and has been known to team up with Sonic and Tails on occasion.

She is known for her acrobatic flying skills and uncanny ability to always be hanging around wherever treasure can be found.

More DIY 'Rouge the Bat' Costume Ideas

Sonic the Hedgehog officially grew up with the introduction of Rouge the Bat as a side character. Dressed head-to-toe in leather, with her pink accents and killer boots, Rouge is certainly one of the sexier outfit ideas from our Sonic Costume Collection.

And why not? After all, cosplaying is an opportunity to flaunt what you’ve got and get away with outfits that otherwise wouldn’t be considered ‘socially acceptable’.

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