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Preston Garvey Cosplay Guide (Fallout 4)

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Discover how to make the best Preston Garvey (Fallout 4) cosplay with our complete step-by-step guide. We go over all you need to know including where to get everything (from his duster to his laser musket rifle), how to weather and distress your costume to give it that proper wasteland sheen, and the reasons behind some of his brilliant character design.

Admittedly, Preston is much maligned among the Fallout community for…sorry, what’s that, Preston?…. There’s another settlement in need of help?

Still, as The Commonwealth’s number one gunslinger, we can’t help but forgive his flaws. It helps that his Western-inspired costume is also pretty iconic. Here’s how to make it for yourself.

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Preston Garvey Step-by-step Cosplay Guide

Preston Garvey (Fallout 4) costume guide

Buy Preston Garvey cosplay items:

  1. Light-brown colonial duster
  2. Leather vest / Western herringbone vest
  3. Brown leather gauntlet gloves
  4. Leather crafts strap
  5. Government-issued military scarf
  6. Double-prong leather belt
  7. Tactical boots
  8. Tactical green pants
  9. Leather Australian-style cowboy hat
  10. Preston Garvey’s Laser Musket gun (Etsy)
  11. Bandolier gun strap
  12. Leather waist bag

Making your own effective Preston Garvey cosplay might look complicated at first. However, as long as you get the right items, it is actually relatively easy. There is no real sewing, cutting, or designing necessary. You will need to dirty up some of your new wasteland garbs but that’s about it. Before we dive into our costume guide, we highly recommend checking out cosplayer Eric H, who really has set the golden standard for everything a Preston Garvey – and Fallout in general – cosplay can be.

Read on to see how we broke down and decided upon each aspect of Preston’s DIY costume.

Preston’s Colonial Duster Coat

Preston’s overall look is clearly inspired by the sheriffs of the Wild West. Garvey styles himself as a law enforcer of the new post-apocalypse wasteland. Wherever there is a settlement in need of help you can be sure to find Preston Garvey there, usually radioing for backup (again, and again, and again).

Preston’s purposeful Western costume design is apparent in countless details, large and small. First off, he wears a light brown colonial duster. This full-length coat is reminiscent of both 19th-century Victorian England and the Wild West of roughly the same time. So evocative of that time period is this style of coat that it is often colloquially referred to as a ‘Western duster’.

Once you have found your ideal colonial duster, such as our coat of choice from Emporium, it’s time for the dirty work to begin. To give your Preston cosplay an authentic wasteland vibe, you need to look like your clothes have quite literally survived the end of the world. We won’t go into detail here on how to best destroy your new clothes. However, if you’re unsure of where to begin, check out this brilliant in-depth article on how to authentically weather and distress your apparel with everyday household items.

The final touch to your Preston cosplay coat will be a leather or fabric strap that is tightly woven around the outside of his right arm.

Gauntlet gloves, slouch hat, scarf, and leather vest from Preston's costume

Preston’s Cowboy Hat, Gauntlet Gloves, and Vest

Featured Fallout cosplay items:

Preston Garvey wears what is referred to as a ‘slouch hat’. This is a type of cowboy hat that originated in Australia towards the end of the 1800s and is defined by a high crown, low brim, and with one side fastened to the crown. You will find that traditional slouch hats have two or three grommets on one side of the hat so that you can sew the brim up. This was traditionally so that a military officer wouldn’t accidentally knock the brim of his hat while holding his rifle in an upright position.

Next, Preston wears leather gauntlet gloves that provide extra protection to the wrist and lower arm. These types of gloves were worn most commonly in medieval Europe where the extra protection proved vital to prevent glancing sword blows from injuring a combatant’s arms. For your Preston costume, we recommend the highly-rated gauntlet gloves from maker NA. Again though, these are far too shiny and new as is to give off an authentic Fallout cosplay vibe.

Gently take some fine-grain sandpaper and slowly start scratching the leather surface. You can also take a hammer wrapped in cloth (to prevent undesired damage) and lightly beat the gloves to create a more natural wear.

With that sorted, it’s time to move on to the vest. Preston wears an ornate officer’s waistcoat with gilded gold patterning. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find an exact match, however, Eric H’s Preston Garvey cosplay proves that isn’t entirely necessary. Just by carefully matching the post-apocalyptic/Western aesthetic we can still create an authentic costume. If you don’t want to design your own vest from scratch, we recommend either a leather biker vest (for that wasteland vibe and a little added protection) or a western-style herringbone waistcoat.

Finally, a military-issued GI green scarf will round off the top half of our Preston Fallout cosplay.

Preston’s Tactical Pants, Belt, and Boots

Featured Fallout cosplay items:

Preston Garvey wears a pair of dark green tactical pants. These really are the most practical pair of trousers for long treks from settlement to settlement, providing unparalleled durability and plenty of storage for your bottlecaps and stimpaks. For a suitably apocalyptic/Western style, we also recommend using a leather belt with a two-prong buckle. This will also go great with the bandolier and hip satchel we recommend later.

For the boots for your Preston cosplay, we suggest going for something rugged and tactical. Garvey wears a pair of dark brown leather, laceless boots in Fallout 4. However, anything suitably durable and utilitarian should fit the bill.

Again, to properly scuff up your Fallout boots we recommend fine-grain sandpaper and a hammer. You could also use a knife to create some more pronounced wear-and-tear by scoring the leather and the soles.

Preston cosplay accessories

Preston Garvey Cosplay: Finishing Touches

Featured Fallout cosplay accessories:

Preston wears a Western-style bandolier slung over his left shoulder. This is where he keeps his infernal radio handy and within arms reach (you know he be reaching for that thing every two minutes). Attached to his belt, he also has a leather waist bag for a little extra storage. This can serve as a practical place to keep your valuables, as well as any other Preston accessories safe at a cosplay event or Halloween party.

Now for the big question: What about Preston’s gun (the laser musket)? If you’re serious about making the best Preston Garvey cosplay possible then we have just the thing for you. We urge you to check out the 1:1 Laser Musket Rifle replica from 3DPrintFR over on Etsy. We’ve some good 3D printed props in the past but this has to be one of the highest-quality finishes we have seen in a long time.

Of course, it comes with a hefty price tag to boot (entirely warranted in our opinion). If you’re not looking to invest so heavily in a Preston costume right away, then perhaps consider a 10mm Fallout 4 prop gun, or even a Western-style revolver (which would compliment this cosplay perfectly).

And that’s all there is to it. Preston gets a lot of stick as one of the most frustrating characters we’ve ever had to deal with in the Fallout universe. However, there’s no denying that his character design is second to none and will always make for a first-class cosplay.

Now go, another settlement is in need of your help.

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