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How to Cosplay as Luke Sullivan from Street Fighter 6

Luke Sullivan cosplay

With the upcoming release of Street Fighter VI, Capcom is taking the longstanding champion of fighting games in a new direction. An all-new art style, new game modes, and even an entirely new lead protagonist. Like Final Fantasy’s new protagonist and style, Luke Sullivan is sure to prove popular with future and existing series cosplayers.

Street Fighter cosplay outfits have long been a mainstay of conventions all over the world. But will Luke Sullivan dethrone Ryu as the cosplay king? Only time will tell.

In Street Fighter VI Luke Sullivan wears an armless, zip-up blue hoodie over a white muscle-fit shirt. The shirt features a USA-inspired design with three stripes and two stars in orange. The same design Sullivan has as a tattoo across his chest.

The rest of Luke Sullivan’s outfit consists of orange and black fingerless martial arts gloves and dark, baggy tracksuit bottoms with elasticated ankles. As a reflection of his martial arts inspiration, Sullivan fights barefoot. Interestingly, similar influences can be seen in Marisa’s costume design – another of the 7 new characters. Could there be some deeper link between the two?

The Luke Sullivan costume is sure to be a major hit with the release of the latest game. His style is instantly recognizable and relatively easy to achieve, with his style largely consisting of everyday clothes or pieces that can be easily modified to look like his.

Now, let’s dive into our guide: how to cosplay as Luke Sullivan from Street Fighter.

Update: The latest article in our SF6 character design deep-dive is now available. See the inspiration behind the new lead antagonist, JP’s costume design & cosplay ideas.

Who is Luke Sullivan?

Luke Sullivan made his debut in the final season pass of Street Fighter V: Champions Edition. He was the final playable character released for the last installment of Street Fighter. As such, many fans may not yet be too familiar with him.

However, he is set to be the main protagonist of Street Fighter VI. Capcom has also confirmed they intend Sullivan to serve as the ‘Ryu’ for future generations of Street Fighter fans. So you can be sure, we will soon be seeing a heck of a lot more from him soon.

Sullivan initially joined the Special Forces in a counter-terrorist unit after being inspired by his father’s sacrifice, who died saving civilians from an IED planted in a mall. While training, Luke is visited by Guile, who convinces him to fight in a friendly sparring match. Luke realizes fighting might satisfy his desires in a way the military never could. He soon embarks on a new path, abandoning the special forces for a life of competitive fighting.

What is Luke Sullivan’s outfit in Street Fighter 5?

In his series debut, the last season pass of Final Fantasy V, Luke Sullivan wore standard martial art gear. Along with a distinctive pair of gold shorts with blue trim and ‘USA’ printed on the waistband. Under his shorts, he wears black three-quarter-length compression trousers with orange detailing.

His fingerless padded gloves are orange and blue, again with ‘USA’ printed on the wrist straps. Sullivan fights shirtless and with bare feet, as is the standard for many martial art disciplines.

How to dress like Luke Sullivan

The Luke Sullivan cosplay outfit is relatively easy to recreate at home with a combination of everyday items and some light crafts. Let’s start with the simple stuff first. We found a near-perfect gym hoodie from Coofandy. Shirtless, hooded, zip-up, muscle fit, the works.

The only modification we would suggest making is to cut the arm holes wider with a pair of scissors. Sullivan’s particular hoodie is looser here and the holes reach to just above his waist. This is likely to give him extra mobility while fighting.

Next, you want a pair of black trousers with elasticated ankles. Running joggers work well here because they tend to be a more relaxed fit. We also recommend ordering a size or two up to achieve that baggy look that Sullivan’s pants have. If they end up too loose around the ankles you can always stitch them up a little.

We couldn’t find any that matched the exact style of Luke Sullivan’s costume (namely, the blue elasticated ankles) but this pair from Northyard works well and can be simply modified with some fabric paint.

Luke Sullivan wears a muscle-fit compression shirt under his partially unzipped hoodie. The shirt is designed with black and orange trim, along with his signature ‘stars and stipe’ motif. Again, you are unlikely to find an exact match here.

Instead, opt for a similar white shirt with half-length arms. Quality fabric paint is your friend here. Just remember to purchase paints that also work on plastic as most gym/compression shirts are made from polyester.

Luke Sullivan’s gloves

You are also going to need that fabric paint for the final touch: his gloves. Luke Sullivan’s padded gloves. His gloves are most likely Mixed Martial Arts in origin with fingerless tips, lightweight padding, and sturdy wrist support.

A plain black pair of MMA gloves are remarkably cost-effective. From there you can paint on the orange detailing and ‘USA’ letters across the wrist strap. America baby!

Finally, add a pair of customized military dog tags and you’re ready to go.

That’s really all there is to it. Luke Sullivan’s outfit is a straightforward cosplay option with heaps of personality. With the character set to be the lead protagonist from now on, we’re sure he is set to be a very popular costume choice indeed.

We can’t wait until the release of Street Fighter VI. And with it being a full 7 years since the last installment, we are sure we’re not alone. Who is your favorite character? Do you have any Street Fighter cosplay tips of your own? Please share them with us in the comments!

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