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Street Fighter VI: How to Make Your Own JP Cosplay

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Update (Jun 2, 2023): Street Fighter is officially here and it has been released to incredible reviews. Critics have praised its feature-rich gameplay, a rejuvenated ensemble of fighters, and the new art direction. It appears the gamble has paid off, with the soft reboot recertifying SF as the king of brawlers.

To celebrate the upcoming release of Street Fighter 6, we are putting all the new character designs under the microscope. Having successfully covered SF’s new lead protagonist – Luke Sullivan – as well as the franchise’s new tallest female protagonist – Marissa – welcome to the third installment in our series: JP design inspiration and cosplay ideas.

Street Fight VI is set to be a soft revamp of sorts for the series and JP is no different. Like M. Bison, JP is said to draw his power from a mysterious purple-glowing force – heavily rumored to be the Psycho Power. JP is also the head of a shadowy organization akin to Shadaloo. However, in a clear effort to modernize the series, this operation is grounded in an all-the-more real and, arguably, even worse reality: The modern mega-corporation.

That’s right, it appears the new antagonist of the series is less interested in terrorizing humanity with mysterious black moons and more interested in the biggest evil of all – money and greed.

Whether JP and Street Fighter 6, in general, will succeed in its mission to draw in new fans, while also appeasing existing ones, remains to be seen. However, it does appear the new style and direction have left onlookers cautiously optimistic thus far. If nothing else, we look forward to a whole new range of incredible cosplayers taking to the comic con circuit later this year.

Read on for our analysis on the influences behind JP’s costume design, as well as some helpful tips for recreating your own cosplay outfit.

Who is Johan “JP” Pavlovich in Street Fighter 6?

While not officially confirmed, it is widely expected that Johan Pavlovich – nicknamed JP – will be the final antagonist in Street Fighter 6. He is one of seven new characters announced for the revamped SF6 roster.

JP is the CEO of a major, highly successful international organization of shadowy origins. He is credited with bringing wealth and prosperity to one of Street Fighter’s newest regions. Nayshall is a developing nation based in remote Asia. Little is known of this isolated corner of the world to date but it is expected to feature prominently in the latest installment.

Despite his advanced age, Russian-born JP is impressively built, weighing in at 214 lbs and 6’3″. His fighting style is a combination of mid-range strikes from his wooden staff and powerful kick attacks. It is also heavily rumored that he is linked to Psycho-Power. Which he is able to tap into to summon portals, spikes, and ghostly companions.

Street Fighter 6 Johan JP Pavlovich cosplay

Johan “JP” Pavlovich cosplay

JP is certainly an interesting character design. Much like his fellow new combatants, the revamped art direction of SF6 is clear in his outfit. A bright orange waistcoat and matching dress trousers infuse the signature vibrancy and splash of color that is set to define the series going forward. Both are an interesting take on his corporate roots – combining boardroom fashion with prison jumpsuit colors.

The character obviously fancies himself as something of a military leader. The gold aiguillette in particular, worn across his chest, is typically worn by officers of a senior position. The cape he wears across one should also has its roots in military clothing. Officially referred to as a paludamentum, this type of cape fastened at one shoulder was worn in Imperial Rome by leading military commanders.

Part oligarch: The suit, ruffled shirt, dress shoes, leather gloves, and large blue sapphire. Part military commander: aiguillette and paludamentum. Is JP the capitalist beast personified?

Interestingly, eagle-eyed fans have pointed out the apparent parallel between John ‘JP’ Pavlovich and J.P. Morgan – one of the most successful capitalist businessmen of all time. His advanced age could well be an allusion to his “old money” origins. While his imposing size and strength could suggest the ruling-class influence is still as strong today as it has ever been. Or are we just reading too much into his costume design? Let us know what you think.

How to make your own JP cosplay costume

You might need:

The JP cosplay has huge potential. Like M. Bison before him, we are sure we’re on the cusp of a whole new fan-favorite SF antagonist costume. The old capitalist/military-inspired appearance is easy to achieve. The outfit centers on a bright orange waistcoat and dress trousers two-piece suit. A plain white tee with royal blue stripes around the sleeves hugs muscle-fit style to JP’s impressive physique.

The neck ruffles and prominent style also evoke a more traditional form of old-world power. Likewise, the white brogues and leather gloves are evocative of classic portrayals of a British dandy – an aristocratic gentleman who values his appearance and personal grooming

The golden aiguillette and paludamentum are traditional emblems of military might and reflect JP’s power as both a leader in the boardroom and a self-styled leader of men.

All these outfit accessories can be purchased relatively inexpensively. The main piece that will likely need a bit of DIY craftsmanship is JP’s impressive staff. Carved from wood and finished in black with ornate gold guilting around the base and handle, the decorative cane is also commonly associated with aristocratic fashion. It is also a sign of the effects of old age on JP, despite his remarkable physique.

What are your thoughts on JP’s costume design and the direction of Street Fighter in general? Let us know in the comments. And for more SF cosplay inspiration, keep it real with whatisxwearing.