Street Fighter VI: How to Make Your Own Marisa Cosplay

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Update (Jun 2nd, 2023): Street Fighter 6 is here and it is a beauty. This is the strongest entry we’ve seen in a long time for the series. A strong and varied roster of fighters breathes new life into the franchise and it already looks like Marisa is set to be a cosplay favorite this year.

Marisa is set to make her series debut in Street Fighter VI. As the tallest female character in the series’ history and arguably more stacked than most of her male counterparts, she certainly cuts an imposing figure. Plus, with her Greek influences tinged with martial arts badassery, Marissa is sure to be a popular cosplay outfit on this year’s Comicon circuit and beyond.

Like the new lead protagonist Luke Sullivan’s outfit, the distinct shift in art direction is on full display here. Capcom, under lead designer Yusuke Hashimoto, is aiming to modernize the series with Street Fighter 6. Very much a ‘soft reboot’ of the franchise. More vibrant, more contemporary, and with a whole roster of new playable characters.

It will be more than a little challenging to strike a balance between appeasing hardcore fans and reaching a whole new audience. Time will tell whether Street Fighter 6 survives. For now though, what little details we have received have us cautiously optimistic. We are huge fans of the design and overall aesthetic of the new characters.

That’s why we have committed to developing a series of guides over the coming weeks on how to recreate the new looks. Without further adieu, here’s the second in our entry: How to make your own Marisa Cosplay.

Update: The latest installment in our SF6 series is now live. Check out our look into Johan “JP” Pavlovich’s costume design.

Who is Marisa in Street Fighter VI?

Marisa is one of seven new playable characters to debut in Street Fighter 6.

Little has been revealed about her origins other than she is an Italian jewelry designer who claims shared ancestry with ancient Greek Warriors. This is clear in her costume design. Her look has clear Spartan/Greek influences from the traditional Greek warrior skirt to the detailed golden trim.

Marisa is set to be a close-range brawler with exceptionally powerful, though slow attacks. A high-risk, high-reward character with a love for cracking jaws and designing beautiful jewelry.

Interestingly, Maris is set to be the tallest playable female fighter in Street Fighter history at 6’8 – a terrific cosplay option for taller fans.

Marisa Cosplay Street Fighter 6

Marisa Cosplay

You might need:

Reportedly, the idea for Marisa’s character design came about during the development of Street Fighter V. The concept was simple enough: What if we created a character that was beautiful but also jacked as hell? The result was a 6’8 jewelry designer with the blood of Greek warriors running through her veins. Only in Street Fighter…

The Marisa Cosplay is sure to be a popular one this year. Relatively easy to create yet instantly recognizable. The Greek influences are clear in the gold jewelry and edging, the Greek-style toeless socks, and the warrior tunic.

The Classics meet the ass-kicking present with a couple of MMA touches too. Her gold-emblazoned fingerless sparring gloves, in particular, are very similar to those in Luke Sullivan’s costume design. That leaves us wondering if these two share a little history of some sort or another?

How to create your own Marisa outfit

Replicating Marisa’s costume for yourself should be straightforward with some household essentials and a couple of small purchases. You may already have the black sports bra and impressive gold chain. You are probably less likely to have a Greek-style tunic tucked away in the back of your wardrobe. However, one can be picked up for around $20.

Like Sullivan, Marisa also fights in the shoeless style of many martial arts. However, she does wear gold-accented, toeless knee-high socks. Again, these can be purchased cheaply or created from a regular pair of knee-high socks with a bit of cutting magic.

The bulk of the time spent making a DIY Marisa Cosplay at home is likely to be spent on the gold detailing. We recommend availing yourself of a reem of gold satin fabric and some fabric glue. Marisa has gold borders around her shirt, skirt, and socks. She also has gold accents on her sparring gloves. These gold accents are further detailed with Greek-inspired patterns.

What do you think of Marisa’s character design and the new direction of Street Fighter in general? Let us know down below!