Escape from Azkaban and clear your name with this effortlessly cool Sirius Black costume idea

Sirius Black costume

How To Dress Like Sirius

After being wrongly convicted of conspiring with Lord Voldemort to kill Harry Potter’s parents, Sirius Black emerges from Azkaban as a shell of a man. Still clothed in his tattered prisoner uniform, we watch as Sirius desperately attempts to escape detection while looking for ways to thwart Voldemort’s return and clear his name.

We celebrate one of the most beloved characters of the Harry Potter universe with this step-by-step costume guide. Discover everything you need to make the best DIY Sirius Black costume based on his immediate escape from Azkaban.


Sirius Black (Harry Potter) DIY costume

1. PRISONER UNIFORM – Based on his time spent in the prison of Azkaban, our look starts with this vintage striped prisoner’s uniform. We recommend rubbing some mud and dirt into your fresh outfit, as well as replacing the buttons with some makeshift ties made out of scraps of fabric.

2. BEARD – Spending 12 years in the most infamous prison in the wizarding world does not do wonders for self-grooming. If you’re unable to grow your own scraggly facial hair in time, we highly recommend this ragged fake beard.

3. WIG – Similarly, Sirius’s hair is disheveled and overgrown. Run a rough back comb through your wig if you find it isn’t unkempt enough out of the box.

4. WORK SHIRT – An old shirt or summer jacket is perfect for this look, particularly if you don’t mind getting it stained and dirty. 

5. SIRIUS TATTOOS – If you want to elevate your Sirius Black costume to the next level, these authentic temporary tattoos from Etsy are a great option.

6. WAND – Sirius’s wand is striking in its understated simplicity, just like this exact replica. A must for any Sirius cosplay.

7. SHACKLES – There are few wizards as powerful as the Black family. Better to be safe than sorry and keep them locked in with some sturdy shackles.

8. PHOTO PROP – Looking for the perfect Instagram opportunity? Recreate the iconic photograph of Sirius Black screaming into the camera with this full-size ‘Have you seen this wizard?’ prop,


Sirius Black is the last male member of the powerful house Black, a pure-blood wizarding family known for traditional values and its ties to dark magic.

After being falsely accused of betraying Harry’s parents, James and Lily Potter, to Lord Voldemort, Sirius becomes imprisoned in Azkaban for twelve years without trial. Sirius later escapes and sets about clearing his name.

As a powerful wizard and ally of Harry Potter and his friends, Sirius proves instrumental in the uncovering of the Death Eaters and their secret plot to bring Voldemort back from death. That is until he is tragically struck with a fatal curse by Bellatrix Lestrange and dies shortly thereafter.

More DIY 'Sirius Black' Cosplay Ideas

In a world filled with colorful and beloved characters every which way you turn, Sirius Black stands out as a favorite among Harry Potter fans. His story of betrayal and heartbreak, resulting in a decade-long stint in one of the most unforgiven places in the wizarding world, makes him a tragic and fascinating character that we all want to hear more about.

This cosplay is super easy to make and, provided you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, can be incredibly effective too.

Whether you want to create an Azkaban-themed Sirius Black costume or one based on his time after escaping, there are hundreds of outfits to draw inspiration from. Check out some more of our favorites if you still need some ideas!