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How to Dress Like Harry Potter Characters for Men

Harry Potter shaped so many of our childhoods that it is tough to let go of. Despite it being over 10 years since the last movie adaptation wrapped, J.K. Rowling’s wizarding legacy lives on as nothing short of a cultural phenomenon.

Now, we bring the world of Hogwarts to life with the help of some of our favorite characters. Sure, there are plenty of guides out there for the likes of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Severus Snape but what about the rest?

It is the colorful cast of supporting characters and creatures that truly brought the magic of Harry Potter to life. Nuanced villains such as Lucius Malfoy, betrayed heroes like Sirius Black, or maligned creatures like Dobby who proved they were worth so much more than their masters.

These are our favorite Harry Potter costume ideas for men, complete with everything you need to know to make your own.

Sirius Black costume



Twelve years falsely imprisoned in Azkaban would be enough to break any man but Sirius Black manages the impossible. Not only does he escape but he still has the determination to fight back against Voldemort’s Death Eaters and clear his name in the process.

Sure, Sirius might look like a broken man when he first escapes but that just makes for one of the coolest Harry Potter costume opportunities of the whole series.

Starting with a vintage prison uniform, we made one of our favorite cosplays ever and you can too, with our step-by-step outfit guide.

Lucius Malfoy costume



As a pure-blood wizard who despises the scourge that is muggle-born magic and muggles in general, Lucius Malfoy was always going to be a natural-born ally of Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

Despite his obvious villainous tendencies, Lucius is a complex character who often finds himself torn between his loyalty to the Dark Lord and his protective instincts for his family.

On its own, this is a dark and impactful Harry Potter costume idea that any man can rock. Together with his wife, Narcissa Malfoy, it makes for one of our favorite couple costume ideas!

Hagrid costume



We would give almost anything to travel in time to see the first time Hagrid turned up in his flying blue car. As a child, it truly felt like magic come to life.

Alas, our Hogwarts acceptance might have been lost in the mail but we can still create a piece of that magic with this incredible Hagrid costume. Time to dress up like everyone’s favorite half-giant and protect all the weird and wonderful creatures of the wizarding world.

Plus, we’ll take any excuse to wear a full-length fur coat in a socially acceptable setting!

Lupin costume



As a member of The Order of the Phoenix and Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, Remus Lupin was committed to defeating Lord Voldemort and his followers once and for all.

Don’t let that drab tweed suit fool you, Lupin was a powerful and respected wizard who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of his beloved students.

With Nymphadora Tonks, this is another great and unique couple’s costume idea for all you die-hard Harry Potter fans.

Dobby costume



More than your average house elf, Dobby distinguished himself for his heart of gold and unwavering loyalty to those he considered his friends.

After Harry freed him from the servitude of Lucius Malfoy, Dobby proved just how brave he was by giving his life so that his friends might survive.

Made from a literal burlap sack, our Dobby cosplay is as easy as it is hilarious. Ideal for larger groups of Harry Potter fans or as a hilarious standalone character.

Mandrake costume



The mandrake is a highly valued medicinal plant in the wizarding world, prized for its unparalleled healing properties. So powerful is the mandrake that it can even reverse the effects of petrification brought on by the basilisk.

Don’t be fooled though, this is a dangerous little critter with a scream so loud that it can kill anyone not wearing adequate hearing protection.

This costume might seem a little out of left field but just hear us out: what could be funnier than a grown man in an adult-sized plant pot and dressed like a leafy root? We rest our case.