Let your inner beast out and defeat Lord Voldemort with our DIY Professor Lupin cosplay guide

Remus Lupin costume

How To Dress Like Lupin

Killer werewolf by night, the professor for Defence Against the Dark Arts by day, Professor Lupin is one of the most beloved Harry Potter characters ever. He might be dressed head-to-toe in tweed but don’t let that fool you, Remus Lupin is a formidable and powerful wizard committed to defeating Lord Voldemort once and for all.

From that iconic tweed suit to recreating his synonymous facial scars, we have everything you need to make the best DIY Lupin costume possible. Also, could we interest anyone in an adorable Lupin and Tonks couple’s costume?


Professor Lupin (Harry Potter) DIY costume guide

1. JACKET – Remus Lupin might not be the most stylish man in the wizarding world but we can’t fault him for this old-school tweed jacket. Could he look like more of a professor if he tried?

2. TROUSERS – Add a matching pair of tweed pants and your Remus Lupin costume is already starting to take shape.

3. FAKE MUSTACHE – Can’t grow a regal mustache like Lupin’s? Then we highly recommend this quality fake chevron ‘tash.

4. SHIRT – Not a lover of bold covers, Lupin wears a matching brown dress shirt to go with his tweed suit.

5. TIE – Similarly, a coffee-brown tie rounds out this monotone professor look.

6. WAND – This beautifully designed wand is an inexpensive option that looks very similar to the one wielded by Lupin.

7. SCAR SET – As a Lycan, Professor Lupin wears the battle scars of his difficult life literally on his face. Whether you’re good with cosmetics or not, this fake scar kit makes adding those iconic cuts a breeze!


Remus Lupin becomes a significant character at Hogwarts once he takes over the position as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher during “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”. He is also a member of the Order of the Phoenix, a secret organization founded by Albus Dumbledore to fight the growing influence of Lord Voldemort and his Deather Eaters.

As a Lycan (werewolf) much of Professor Lupin’s life is shaped by his affliction and the persecution he faces as a result. That doesn’t stop him from being a brave and noble character, steadfast in his resolve against the Dark Arts.

During the Battle of Hogwarts, Remus and his beloved wife, Nymphadora Tonks, tragically die while defending the students of Hogwarts, leaving behind an orphaned son.

More DIY 'Remus Lupin' Cosplay Ideas

The cool and collected demeanor of Professor Lupin, despite his ability to quite literally transform into a flesh-eating beast, made him a beloved professor at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

While Lupin is a great Harry Potter cosplay in its own right, when paired with Nymphadora Tonks you have the making of one of our favorite and most romantic Couple costume ideas of all time!

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