Mayor of Whoville Costume Guide

Mayor Augustus Maywho costume

Learn how to make the best Mayor of Whoville costume from “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” with our simple step-by-step outfit guide.

Augustus Maywho is the mayor of Whoville and the primary antagonist of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

Despite outwardly appearing as full of festive cheer as the other residents of Whoville, he is revealed to be a deeply materialistic individual whose primary focus is on the more commercial and superficial aspects of Christmas.

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As a child, Maywho was also the ringleader of a group of bullies who shunned and rejected The Grinch based on his physical appearance.

In the end, the true spirit of Christmas prevails. The Grinch returns to Whoville a hero and Mayor Augustus is revealed to be the vain and self-serving man he really is.

Mayor of Whoville Costume

Mayor of Whoville DIY costume guide

Buy Mayor Augustus MayWho costume items:

  1. Red royal robe
  2. 2-piece paisley suit
  3. Plaid waistcoat
  4. Black & red pattern scarf
  5. Gray suede gloves
  6. Red sash
  7. Costume military medals
  8. Retro microphone prop
  9. Mayor of Whoville wig

1. Robe: The main prop for our Mayor of Whoville costume is a very regal red robe with gold trim and fur shoulders. Mayor Augustus is a man who appreciates the power that comes from his position and this robe will have you feeling every bit like the King you are.

2. The suit: Mayor Augustus wears a stylish charcoal two-piece suit with a light sheen and a polka dot pattern. What suit you wear is really up to you. Maybe you already have a sharply tailored suit in your roster (we love any excuse to incorporate some sharp tailoring into a costume). For our outfit, we went for a flashy paisley two-piece.

3. Waistocat: In keeping with the festivities of Whoville, we chose a red plaid waistcoat to wear under our suit. The vest is really optional but it does add an extra touch of class to this outfit.

4. Scarf: Wrap up warm with a red & black checkered scarf. We found this well-reviewed option from Ted & Jack was the closest match to the one worn by Mayor Augustus.

5. Gloves: Add a warm pair of suede gloves in gray. Formal and practical, particularly for those chilly Christmas festivities.

6. Red sash: Another centerpiece of our Mayor of Whoville costume is a prominent red sash. As a decorated and respected politician, Augustus’s sash is decorated with the many medals and accolades he must have accumulated over the years.

7. Medals: Add some military medals and pins to your sash so that everyone can see at first glance what an impressive and important Whoville gentleman you surely are.

8. Mic: A retro microphone prop is an optional but fun accessory for this Whoville costume. How else are the huddling masses to hear your stately decrees?

9. Whoville wig: Round off your Mayor Augustus costume with his signature hairstyle and remarkably bushy eyebrows. All Whoville residents pride themselves on their stylish haircuts but this is surely one of the most impressive.

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