Sexy Grinch ‘How To’ Costume Guide

Female Grinch costume

Put your name on top of Santa’s ‘naughty list’ this Christmas with our fun and sexy female Grinch costume idea.

The Grinch is a grouchy green creature who despises Christmas and everything associated with it. His lack of festive cheer is in stark contrast to the residents of Whoville who spend the entire year wholeheartedly preparing for the next Christmas season.

Driven by his hatred for the holiday, the Grinch hatches a dastardly plan to ruin Christmas for everyone. Disguised as Santa Claus, the Grinch sneaks into Whoville and steals all of the presents, food, and decorations.

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After stealing all the material goods associated with the holidays, the Grinch is stunned to hear all of the Whoville residents still singing in harmony and Christmas cheer.

Spurred on by his growing relationship with the kind and innocent Cindy-Lou Who, as well as the realization that he has been wrong about Christmas all along, he decides to return all the stolen items.

Instead of being upset, the Whos embrace the Grinch with open arms and welcome him to the home he belonged to all along.

Sexy Grinch Costume

Sexy Grinch costume guide

Buy Female Grinch costume items:

  1. Lime green one-piece bodysuit
  2. Green feather boa
  3. Light up tutu
  4. Red velvet costume gloves
  5. Santa Claus hat
  6. Candy-striped socks
  7. Christmas decoration earrings

1. Bodysuit: The base of our sexy Grinch costume is a cute lime-green bodysuit. This is a great option as it offers a blank canvas for us to build on with our various Grinch-related accessories.

2. Feather boa: Add some texture with a matching green feather boa. We were delighted with how much this looks like the Grinch’s fur.

3. Light-up skirt: Round off the base of your female Grinch costume with a green tutu. We also went for a light-up skirt in keeping with the festive feel of this outfit. We think the residents of Whoville would approve.

4. Gloves: Now for the festive touch. Start with a pair of red velvet gloves with white fur lining. We didn’t want to fully cover up with a full Santa Claus jacket so we’re going with a few selective themed accessories instead.

5. Hat: Is any Christmas costume complete without a traditional Santa hat? You can pick one of these up pretty much anywhere around this time of year (if you don’t already have one packed away in the garage somewhere).

6. Socks: A pair of candy-striped socks was also a must for our sexy Grinch costume. They are cute, and festive, and fill us with that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with dress-up Christmas parties.

7. Earrings: The pièce de résistance for our female Grinch outfit; these adorable earrings matched our red and green color scheme perfectly and also looked amazing alongside our light-up skirt!

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Whether you’re feeling naughty or nice, The Grinch and the residents of Whoville offer countless opportunities for fun and unique festive costumes.

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