Cindy-Lou Who DIY Adults Costume Guide

Cindy Lou Who Costume for Adults

Want to know how to make a DIY adult Cindy-Lou Who costume? We show you how with our “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”-inspired outfit guide.

Cindy-Lou is an energetic and kind young girl who, like most of the residents of Whoville, believes wholeheartedly in the spirit of Christmas.

She shows her true empathetic nature as one of the only people who can see beyond The Grinch’s physical appearance and recognize him as a person deserving of love and affection.

Cindy plays a central role in How the Grinch Stole Christmas (as well as the many other adaptations of Dr Seuss’s beloved book) as she helps The Grinch rediscover his festive cheer and heal the wounds that came from his difficult childhood.

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Cindy-Lou Who is a great costume idea for children and adults alike. Here we show you how to make your own easy DIY outfit step-by-step.

Cindy Lou Who Costume

Cindy Lou Who DIY adult costume guide

Buy Cindy Lou Who costume items:

  1. Fur-lined Christmas robe
  2. Vintage plaid dress
  3. Red fleece-lined leggings
  4. Pink knit mittens
  5. Furry slippers
  6. White socks
  7. Red jumbo hair bow
  8. Cindy Lou Who wig

1. The red coat: Start your adult Cindy Lou Who costume with a suitably festive red coat with furry white trim. We found this robe to be a great and affordable option that closely matched the one worn by Taylor Momsen in How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

2. The dress: Cindy wears a cute plaid dress under her winter coat. We absolutely fell in love with this vintage-inspired plaid outfit from Topdress. The look is just perfect for this outfit and the quality is top-notch too if you are also looking for a 1950s dress to fit into your regular rotation.

3. Leggings: Grab yourself a pair of regular red stockings or leggings. To keep warm during the cold winter months (and to avoid them being see-through), we went for a pair that is also fleece-lined.

4. Mittens: Is there anything more adorable and cozy than a pair of mittens? Look for a pair that are pink and either furry or knitted for that perfect Christmas feel.

5. Slippers: What footwear you pair with your DIY Cindy Lou Who costume is really up to you. A pair of flats with fur-lining is a great and sensible footwear option. Alternatively, for maximum coziness, we went for a cute pair of house slippers.

6. Socks: Add a regular pair of white tube or crew socks. Just make sure they are long enough to bunch up around the ankles.

7. Hair bow: One of the most recognizable aspects of the residents of Whoville is their creative hairstyles. Cindy Lou’s hair is perhaps the most famous with her two pigtails, impressive blow-up, and oversized red bow tying it all together.

8. Cindy Lou wig: Finally, if you don’t want to do your hair yourself, it’s time to put your wig on. There are plenty of Cindy Lou Who costume wigs out there. Just make sure you purchase one sized for adults and not children.

Cindy Lou Who hair tutorial

Cindy Lou costume hair tutorial

If you’re feeling creative, check out this Cindy Lou Who hair tutorial from the incredibly talented Tiani Nicole.

We checked out a few hairstyle guides for our Cindy costume but found this one the easiest to follow at home while yielding the best-finished product. We particularly enjoyed how she used an everyday water bottle to create the top section of her hair. Seriously, how creative!

If you are interested, she also has a step-by-step Cindy Lou makeup tutorial which is definitely worth checking out.

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