Martha May Whovier DIY Costume Guide

Martha May Whovier (The Grinch) costume

Discover how to make the iconic Martha May Whovier festive costume from the beloved Christmas tale: “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”.

Martha May Whovier (played by Christine Baranski) is a resident of Whoville and a love interest for both Mayor Augustus and The Grinch.

As a child, Martha is one of the only children to show The Grinch compassion. She disapproves of the way the other Whoville children treat him and appears willing to look beyond his physical appearance (much like Cindy-Lou).

As an adult, she appears as the trophy girlfriend of the Mayor of Whoville, as well as a talented Christmas decorator with one of the most impressively decorated homes in all of Whoville.

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Martha May Whovier is a fun, sexy, and easy costume to make for yourself at home; a fun spin on the traditional Mrs. Claus outfit, filled with feminine power and seductive charm. Here is how to make the perfect festive outfit:

Martha May Whovier Costume

Martha May Whovier costume guide

Buy Martha May costume items:

  1. Mrs. Claus costume
  2. Fleece lined leggings
  3. Red high heel boots
  4. Faux fur leg cuffs
  5. Craft pom poms
  6. Satin gloves
  7. Costume pearl necklace

1. Santa Claus outfit: A Martha May Whovier costume is great because of how easy it is to make. Start with your preferred Mrs. Claus outfit. You can go as modest or sexy as you like (it’s all about the length of the coat).

2. Leggings: Add a pair of plain red leggings. We went for a fleece-lined pair to avoid any transparency and to add some extra warmth to this festive outfit.

3. Boots: Martha May wears a stylish pair of red booties with a practical chunky heel. Our footwear of choice is a leather boot with a lightly pointed toe.

4. Fur cuffs: If you can’t find or don’t have suitable fur-lined boots, a set of fur cuffs will slot nicely into your boots and make them look just like those worn by Martha.

5. Pom poms: Want to add some buttons to your Mrs. Claus coat? Get yourself a set of large craft pom poms. The ones we recommend come with a small elastic loop for easy sewing or affixing with safety pins.

6. Gloves: Infuse some real sex appeal into your Martha May Whovier costume with a pair of seductive red satin gloves. Martha wears a short pair of gloves but elbow-length satin gloves are also a great option.

7. Necklace: Finish your outfit with a classy choker-length pearl necklace (real pearls optional).

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