Chicha The Emperor’s New Groove ‘How To’ Costume Guide

Chicha costume (The Emperor's New Groove)

Discover how to dress like Chicha from The Emperor’s New Groove with our easy step-by-step costume guide.

Chicha is the wife of Pacha, the kind-hearted peasant who aids Emperor Kuzco in his quest to regain the throne. That is despite Kuzco initially planning to destroy their village to make room for his summer palace.

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Chicha and Pacha have two children, Chaca and Tipo, and a third one on the way. Their family serves to highlight the impact that Kuzco’s self-serving behavior can have on the regular citizens he rules over.

Fortunately, through his journey with Pacha, Kuzco comes to the realization that his true duty is to his people and not himself. Pacha and Chicha’s village is spared and their family is able to live happily ever after.

Chicha Costume

A Chicha costume is incredibly easy to make for yourself. Perfect for a last-minute cosplay event or costume party. This is also one of our favorite pregnancy costume ideas.

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Chicha DIY costume guide

Buy Chicha costume items:

  1. Yellow cardigan
  2. Orange tunic dress
  3. Skinny leather belt
  4. Round wooden earrings
  5. Green headband
  6. Two-band sandals

1. Chicha’s dress: To make our Chicha costume we started with a simple, tunic-style shirt dress. Then we layered our outfit with an open-front yellow cardigan with short and flowy sleeves. We recommend going a size up for both to get that flowy pregnancy dress look.

Secure the top half of your cardigan – around the bosom – with safety pins (or by sewing, if you prefer) while loosely overlapping both sides. This allows the bottom half of the cardigan to remain open – like Chicha’s pregnancy dress.

Fasten with a thin brown belt just below your chest.

If you really want to make the best costume possible, you could also fashion your own DIY neckpiece out of orange fabric to replicate Chicha’s Inca-inspired dress design.

2. Earrings: Chicha wears a stunning pair of large dangle earrings that create a great focal point for this outfit. For our costume, we went for a pair of handmade wooden earrings. At 2.25″ in diameter, they are the perfect size.

3. Headband: Tie your hair up loosely and secure with a light green headband. Just make sure to leave one adorable curl poking through the underside of your headband.

4. Footwear: Like all the characters in The Emperor’s New Groove, Chicha wears traditional Inca-inspired footwear. A simple sandal with leather straps. Honestly, any understated strappy sandal will work perfectly well with this outfit. Like us, you might already have a suitable pair lying around the house.

Pacha and Chicha costume

Pacha and Chicha couple's costume

Like Yzma and Kronk, Pacha and Chicha are another amazing couple’s costume idea from The Emperor’s New Groove.

Both costumes are also super easy to make last-minute and on a budget. With each only needing 5-6 accessories to make.

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