Tiny Tim A Christmas Carol DIY Costume

Tiny Tim costume

Want to know how to make your own Tiny Tim costume from A Christmas Carol? We show you how with our easy step-by-step outfit guide.

Tiny Tim is the youngest son of Bob Cratchit, the underpaid employee of Ebenezer Scrooge.

As a perenially malnourished and impoverished child, Tiny Tim suffers from a number of ailments that will ultimately lead to a young death, unless his situation is improved.

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Dearly loved by his family, Tiny Tim serves to highlight the harsh reality of Victorian Britain, where wealth and profitability were often favored over human compassion and decency.

It is Tim’s potential death, foretold by the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, that serves as the catalyst for Scrooge’s eventual transformation and redemption.

Tiny Tim’s character is the emotional heartbeat of Charles Dickens’ otherwise bleak A Christmas Carol: A reminder of the importance of looking after our fellow man.

“God bless us, every one!”

Tiny Tim Costume Guide

Tiny Tim (A Christmas Carol) costume guide

Buy Tiny Tim costume items:

  1. Brown tweed blazer
  2. Pinstripe pants
  3. Newsboy cap
  4. Brown moccasins
  5. Winter scarf
  6. Wooden walking cane
  7. Brown leather strap

1. Jacket: For our Tiny Tim costume we started with a simple tweed blazer. This is a great option for recreating that Victorian working-class child aesthetic. You might want to dirty up your new blazer too for that authentic ‘chimney boy’ look.

2. Pants: We recommend wearing either a pair of loose-fitting pinstripe bottoms (the kind you would wear as pajamas) or something more heavy-duty such as a pair of brown corduroys.

3. Hat: No Tiny Tim outfit is complete without an authentic newsboy cap. This is one of the most important props and it really does do an awful lot of the heavy lifting for this costume.

4. Shoes: Add a pair of plain and simple shoes, such as brown moccasins or maybe even that old pair of Oxford shoes you have lying around (make sure they are nicely scuffed and well-loved).

5. Scarf: Wear a brown scarf over your blazer. A coarser material such as twill is great for this but the important thing is that your scarf looks well-worn and dull.

6. Crutches: If you want to make a truly authentic Tiny Tim costume then you can find a pair of vintage wooden crutches for sale on Etsy. Otherwise, a standard wooden cane is an easy and inexpensive alternative.

Optionally, add a DIY leather leg strap and a wooden splint to your ‘broken’ leg as a great finishing touch.

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