Woodstock Peanuts DIY Costume Guide

Woodstock Peanuts costume

Want to know how to make your own homemade Woodstock costume? We show you how to with our quick and easy step-by-step outfit guide.

Woodstock was introduced to the popular comic strip “Peanuts” in 1967 as Snoopy’s best friend.

Woodstock is a yellow bird that communicates in a strange language represented by various indiscernible punctuation marks. Despite this, Snoopy appears to understand him perfectly. Their friendship is a central and endearing aspect of the Peanuts story.

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Woodstock has appeared in various Peanuts TV specials and movies, making him a beloved character for fans of the series.

Woodstock Costume

Woodstock (Peanuts) Snoopy costume guide

Buy Woodstock costume items:

  1. Yellow pajama jumpsuit
  2. Feather bird mask
  3. Yellow feather boa
  4. Women’s tutu skirt
  5. Snoopy plush
  6. Christmas Santa hat

1. Onesie: The best place to start your Woodstock costume is with a yellow all-in-one pajama jumpsuit. Stylish and comfortable? Yes please!

2. Mask: A simple bird mask combined with your onesie is all you really need to make this super simple costume work.

3. Feather boa: Add some easy feathers to your outfit with a feather boa wrapped loosely around your neck.

4. Tutu: Need more of a ‘feather’ aesthetic? Wear a tutu skirt over your jumpsuit to add some extra texture and intrigue to your outfit.

5. Snoopy: A completely optional extra, but a Snoopy plush is sure to add some extra cuteness to this Woodstock costume. After all, the two friends are largely inseparable in the Peanuts comic.

6. Christmas hat: This is a quick and easy Christmas costume option. All you need to do is add a generic red Santa Claus hat. The festive period? Sorted.

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