Female Jigsaw (Saw) DIY Costume Guide

Female Jigsaw Halloween costume guide

So you want to make a cute and sexy female Jigsaw costume? Well, you’re in the right place. We show you how to create a DIY girl’s Jigsaw outfit, including where to find everything you need, how to do your makeup, and the best accessories to choose.

Jigsaw is the primary antagonist of the Saw horror franchise. After being diagnosed with cancer, Jigsaw (whose real name is John Kramer) sets out on a twisted mission to punish those who have done him wrong in life, as well as rehabilitate others who he deems as wasting their life’s potential in one form or another.

Kramer rarely takes an active part in the tortures or killings in the series. Instead, he is known for creating elaborate and automated devices that his victims must try and escape from. Kramer typically watches and communicates through cameras and pre-recorded messages.

However, at times when more direct communication is necessary, he often uses “Billy the Puppet”. The puppet has become an icon of the series and modern horror in general.

For women who want to instill fear and allure at the same time, this ishow to make a sexy female Jigsaw costume at home.

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DIY Jigsaw Costume (Female) Guide

Sexy Jigsaw costume guide

Buy girl Jigsaw costume items:

  1. Long sleeve jacket
  2. Black skirt
  3. Red bow tie
  4. White crop top
  5. Thigh high stockings
  6. Red high heels
  7. White face paint
  8. Red face paint stick

A Jigsaw costume from SAW is a fun and easy costume for a woman to make. It really is up to you how much you want to dress up and how cute you want to make it as once you get the basic aesthetic down, you can switch different items in and out to suit your personal style.

Start your outfit with a black blazer and skirt combo. If you’re going for a sexy Jigsaw costume try a black mini-skirt and crop blazer. Next, you will need a red bowtie and a white shirt. What kind of shirt you choose is really up to you. You could go for a traditional dress shirt or a crop top like the one we have featured above. For a truly eye-catching and sexy female Jigsaw costume, you could even go for a white lace bralette.

A cute Jigsaw costume is also really versatile when it comes to footwear. If you like to really dress up, then a pair of red heels match perfectly with the formal business-like attire of this outfit. Alternatively, if you like to party in style and comfort, a pair of red Converse sneakers is also perfectly acceptable.

If you really want to go the extra mile and create the best female Jigsaw costume possible, might we suggest Jigsaw’s creepy red tricycle? This one is definitely child/doll-sized so not suitable for riding but it would definitely make for a cute Jigsaw costume accessory.

Sexy Jigsaw Makeup Guide

Female Jigsaw Costume Makeup tutorial

Buy Female Jigsaw costume makeup items:

Follow the brilliant makeup tutorial from Vocallyshook to make sure your sexy Jigsaw makeup is on point.

She starts off with a white foundation base before drawing her eyebrows on high. She then applies black eyeshadow and blends the edges with black, brown, and white eyeshadows to create a smokey eye look. Don’t worry about getting this perfect as the real Jigsaw doll is supposed to look less than pristine. Repeat the same process on your lower lash line.

Contour your makeup with a focus on deepening the lines of your cheek and chin. You can also add a little cleft chin like the original Jigsaw costume, although you may want to skip this step, depending on whether or not you find clefts cute. Apply white highlighter sparingly to create the illusion of light bouncing off a plastic mask.

Now you can start to draw the cheek swirls. This is one step you can’t miss for an authentic female Jigsaw costume. Take your time and trace the outline lightly with a thin makeup brush. Once you a happy with the red swirl, repeat the process on both sides, adding an internal white swirl to complete the look.

Add the finishing touches, including matter red lipstick and red/black lines from the edge of your lips to the base of your cheeks (to imitate Jigsaw’s doll mouth).

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