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Cut through the crowd this Halloween as the child doll turned the maniacal stuff of nightmares

Adult Chucky costume

How To Dress Like Chucky (for Women)

Do you want an outfit that makes your most psychotic tendencies look fun and cute? What you need is a murderous doll possessed by the spirit of a serial killer. Adorable? You bet. Dangerous? Absolutely.

Our sexy Chucky costume is made for women who like to steal the show. From the cutest overalls we could find to the battle wounds of a stone cold killer, we show you everything you need to make your own Chucky outfit (strictly adults only). Now, who wants to play?


Sexy Chucky DIY costume

1.  KILLER DOLL COSTUME – This accessory kit is the perfect place to start your look. Included is a short (but just modest enough) overall, striped top, and red hair clips.

2. SOCKS – Chucky wears a pair of retro tube socks with red and blue stripes. These actually make this Chucky costume look super cute. Who said looks couldn’t kill?

3. SHOES – If you have a pair of white Converse then that’s perfect! If not, don’t worry about spending loads on a new pair, any white sneakers will suffice.

4. FISHNETS – Optional addition but to make our Chucky costume as sexy as possible, we opted for a pair of fishnet stockings which we then ripped up for that added horror touch.

5. HAIR DYE – If you don’t want to spend the month after Halloween with bright orange hair then we recommend a quality hairspray that comes off in one wash.

6. KNIFE – No murderous doll come to life should be without her trusty kitchen knife. Coated in the blood of your unfortunate victims!

7. SCARS – Selectively apply one or two fake scars to your pretty face. You could make these yourself with costume makeup but we were feeling lazy and felt these worked just as well.

8. FAKE BLOOD – Finally, it’s time to get messy with some coagulated fake blood. Not yours, of course. True dolls don’t bleed.


Chucky is the main antagonist of the “Child’s Play” horror franchise. He is a regular doll until he becomes possessed by the soul of a notorious serial killer, Charles Lee Ray, whose consciousness is transferred into the doll through a voodoo ritual.

The original Chucky was released in 1988 and has since spawned multiple sequels, spin-offs and even a remake in 2019. Known for its blend of horror elements, gore, and dark humor, Chucky’s most famous line is “Hi, I’m Chucky, wanna play?”

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A Chucky costume, with its adorable overalls and striped top, is a fun and sexy outfit option that is just perfect for a last-minute Halloween party. 

Chucky is one of our most popular options from our Sexy Villain Costumes for Women Collection and with good reason. What could be hotter than a murderous doll come to life?

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