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Female Pennywise Costume Guide

Female Pennywise Halloween costume

So you want to make a Female Pennywise costume? Pennywise is a great and instantly recognizable outfit for Halloween and dress-up parties. The beauty of this DIY cosplay is that it’s also incredibly versatile.

Whether you want to make a realistic, cute, or sexy Pennywise costume, we show you how. Read on for our dress and accessory recommendations, makeup tutorial, and inspiration from the best girl Pennywise costumes on the internet.

Pennywise is a shape-shifting and malevolent cosmic entity that appears predominantly in Stephen King’s 1986 horror masterpiece “IT”. Although ‘Pennywise ‘It’ has the ability to transform into any shape or being imaginable to terrify his victims, it most commonly takes the form of ‘Pennywise the Dancing Clown’ in order to simultaneously lure and strike fear into children.

It is said that Pennywise awakens from his slumber once approximately every 27 years to feed on the fear of children and to spread indifference amongst the adults. That is until “The Losers’ Club” (Bill, Ben, Beverly, Eddie. Mike, Richie, and Stan) finally manage to defeat the entity, seemingly for good.

Pennywise gained widespread popularity through the 1990 miniseries (starring Tim Curry), as well as the 2017 & 2019 movie adaptations (played by Bill Skarsgard). The immediately recognizable design of Pennywise has made ‘It’ an incredibly popular Halloween costume for men and women alike.

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DIY Female Pennywise Costume

Female Pennywise (IT) costume guide

Buy girl Pennywise costume items:

  1. White ruffle mini dress
  2. Red garment pom poms
  3. Sexy white choker
  4. Fishnet thigh high stockings
  5. Red high heels
  6. Satin gloves
  7. IT Pennywise red balloon
  8. Red ponytail wig

A female Pennywise outfit is a fun and versatile costume that’s perfect for Halloween or fancy dress parties. The choice really is yours when it comes to putting your own unique spin on this cosplay. Much of that versatility comes from which white dress you choose as a base.

If you are going for a cute Pennywise costume, then we recommend a dress with a cottage-core aesthetic like the one featured above. The ruffled arms and tiered skirt fit perfectly with Pennywise’s clown style and look adorably vintage too.

For a more sexy Pennywise costume, then something like this backless, off-shoulder white dress would also work perfectly. Essentially, any white dress with some vintage details – ruffles, pleats, puff sleeves – can be used as the starting point for a great DIY Pennywise costume.

Once you have the right dress, it’s time to accessorize. We recommend adding red garment pom poms to your dress to create a more authentic Halloween outfit. For a more adult Pennywise costume (provided you don’t mind ruining your new white dress) you could also add some fake blood and dirt. If you’re not sure where to start, check out this brilliant article on how to weather & distress fancy dress costumes.

For your neckpiece, we recommend either a sexy little choker or, to make a more realistic female Pennywise costume, add a Renaissance neck ruffle.

Fishnet stockings and satin gloves are optional accessories that, again, would work best for a super sexy and seductive Pennywise costume. The same with a cute pair of red heels or even a pair of thigh-high leather boots.

Finishing touches include a red or orange wig and a red balloon or two. You could also learn how to make Georgie’s origami paper boat. Of course, any extra accessories are completely optional. if you’ve followed the steps here then your female Pennywise costume should already be looking cute, sexy, scary, and almost ready to go.

Sexy Pennywise Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Female Pennywise costume makeup tutorial

Buy sexy Pennywise costume makeup:

If you want to know how to do your own makeup for your sexy Pennywise Halloween costume, Abby Roberts has you covered with her brilliant step-by-step tutorial.

She starts with a pair of Madhatter-colored contact lenses from Beautifye. She then applies a base with pale NYX drop foundation and white foundation lightener on her face and neck. Next, she uses an eye color palette to apply and blend white detailing around her eyes and sets it with translucent powder.

Priming her eyes involves using a NYX jumbo pencil in the color milk, blending with her finger, and setting with translucent powder.

Onto her eyebrows. Here she uses Beverly Hills Dipbrow in medium brown to create a harsh brow look. Her eyes are made by using two gradients of red eyeshadow on her upper and lower eyes to create a smoky eye shape. Interestingly, she also applies a cream lip product for a stark color contrast. Finish with black eyeliner around your waterline and lower lash line.

Prep your lashes by curling and adding mascara before applying a pair of long fake lashes. Contour your cheekbones to create a more angular finish.

For her lips, she uses a beautiful burgundy lipliner called Nighmoth from M.A.C. She uses the same liner to roughly sketch out the lines for Pennywise’s smile. Once you are happy with the general shape, you can go over your outline with quality red facepaint such as those available from Mehron.

Repeat this process with the area around your nostrils and lower nose. Depending on how cute or realistic you want your Pennywise costume to be, you can go subtle or more full on here (see the movie image below for a reference).

Pennywise costume makeup reference image
DIY Pennywise costume makeup reference image

Add a lighter red lipstick and blend it with the darker lip liner. Optionally, apply some red cosmetic glitter to really make your makeup pop. If you are not using a wig or your natural hair for your DIY Pennywise costume, then a temporary orange hairspray might be a good option.

There you have it, your fun and sexy Pennywise Halloween costume is officially ready to go!

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