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Who wants to chase after people? Have your victims flock to you with our irresistible Halloween killer look.

How To Dress Like Jason

Jason is an unstoppable, hulking, and brutish murderer hell-bent on seeking revenge for his untimely death. He also just so happens to be one of the most iconic horror antagonists of all time.

As part of our Sexy Horror Villains Costume Collection, we have put together this exclusive outfit guide just for you girlies. From his legendary mask to the sexiest outfit for a homicidal maniac such as yourself, we show you everything you need!


1. MASK – Could we have started anywhere else? His hockey mask is as much a part of his character as his murderous instincts.

2. TOP – There is a lot of room for personal interpretation here but for our outfit, we went with a regular blue crop top (because we felt it was super cute). We also didn’t spend a lot of money here so it doesn’t hurt as much to cut it up and spray fake blood everywhere.

3. SHORTS – Add a pair of short denim cutoffs. Ripped jeans are also an option if you’re concerned about it being too chilly for Halloween.

4. JACKET – Again, there’s room for interpretation here. You will want a regular jacket that is heavy-duty and utilitarian-looking. If you have an old jacket in your closet that you don’t mind tearing and muddying up then that would be perfect!

5. BOOTS – We went for a pair of heavy combat boots here. We might be making a sexy Jason costume but it never hurts to have practical footwear.

6. MACHETE – Like the hockey mask, no Jason cosplay is complete without his signature machete. Stained with the blood of those poor camp counselors.

7. FAKE BLOOD – Finally, you are certainly going to need plenty of fake blood to really up the gore for Halloween.


Jason Vorhees is the primary antagonist of the “Friday the 13th” horror franchise. Since his original appearance in 1980, Jason has become one of the most iconic and enduring figures of the horror genre.

His origin story varies depending on the adaptation but he is typically depicted as a child who drowned at Camp Crystal Lake due to the negligence of camp counselors. 

He is shown as a silent, hulking, and seemingly unstoppable monster who terrorizes his victims with a slow but relentless hunt. His most recognizable accessories are his bloodied hockey mask and machete, both are indispensable props for any DIY Jason costume, sexy or otherwise!

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Jason is quite possibly the most recognizable horror movie antagonist of all time. As such, he takes centre stage for our Sexy Horror Movie Costume Collection. There is something about the brutality of his hockey mask and machete combined with some sexy shorts and a crop top that makes this outfit so alluring!

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