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How to Make a Sexy Female Beetlejuice Costume

Sexy female Beetlejuice costume idea (Main image)

Are you looking to make your own sexy female Beetlejuice costume for a Halloween party or cosplay event? You’ve come to the right place. We show you our favorite outfit options to match your own distinct style, as well as how to create the best Beetlejuice costume makeup possible.

Beetlejuice (played by Michael Keaton) is the titular character of Tim Burton’s 1988 dark comedy classic, “Beetlejuice”. When newly married couple, Adam and Barbara Maitland (Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis) suddenly perish in a driving accident, they find themselves inadvertently haunting the marriage home they had only just moved into.

Unable to leave the confines of the house, the deceased couple employs the services of Beetlejuice – a self-professed “bio-exorcist” – to help them scare away the new living family that has now moved in. It quickly becomes apparent that Beetlejuice can’t be trusted and his unorthodox haunting methods are a step too far for Adam and Barbara.

Beetlejuice, with his iconic and instantly recognizable look, is a Halloween costume favorite for men and women. A sexy Beetlejuice costume is a fun and novel twist on this hugely popular character.

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Beetlejuice DIY Costume

Female Beetlejuice costume guide

Buy sexy Beetlejuice costume items:

  1. Black and white striped bra
  2. Striped shorts
  3. Fishnet stockings
  4. Thigh-high boots
  5. Green wig
  6. Choker necktie

A sexy DIY Beetlejuice costume is a fun Halloween or cosplay idea that’s actually really easy to make at home. As long you stick to the basic pinstripe design, you have a lot of freedom to mix and match accessories to fit your personal style.

For our cute Beetlejuice costume, we went for a black and white stripe push-up bra and mini-shorts combo. We also found a sexy pinstripe lace corset that would be perfect as another option.

If you would prefer a more conservative female Beetlejuice costume, consider instead an open-front striped blazer and pinstripe pants combination.

Add some fishnet stockings and a pair of chunky knee-high boots or a pair of green heels and finish with an adorable choker necktie. If you don’t want to dye your own hair, we would recommend this green costume wig. However, if you want to go all out with your sexy Beetlejuice cosplay, check out the brilliant makeup tutorial below.

Beetlejuice Costume Makeup Tutorial

Female Beetlejuice costume makeup guide

Buy DIY Beetlejuice costume makeup items:

To make the best female Beetlejuice costume possible we strongly recommend checking out this brilliant makeup tutorial from ellimacsSFX.

They start their Beetlejuice makeup with a brown eyeshadow, before blending in purple and black for a smokey eye finish. Beetlejuice has deep black bags around his eyes but as we are going for more of a cute/sexy vibe here with our costume, we want to keep it a little more subtle.

Next, she lightly fixes up her brows with a soft brown definer. Add black eyeliner and mascara before applying your fake lashes to really make those smokey eyes pop.

Next, apply a pale foundation to give that freshly deceased vibe. Then contour your cheekbones aggressively to create a gaunt, skeletal look. Green and purple powder is then applied sparingly near the temples and lower lip. In what is frankly a stroke of makeup genius, they then apply a layer of artificial moss to these areas to mimic Beetlejuice’s “rotten” look. For us, this is really what sets this DIY Beetlejuice costume apart from many others we have seen.

If you are not wearing a wig, finish by spraying your hair with some temporary green hairspray. Personally, we skipped the ‘rotten teeth step’ as it’s just a little too triggering for us but this is entirely down to you!

And there you have it, your fun and sexy Beetlejuice Halloween costume is ready to go!

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