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How to Make a Sexy Scream Costume for Women

Sexy Ghostface costume

So you want to make a sexy Ghostface (Scream) costume for Halloween? This is a super fun and easy outfit to DIY at home. We show you where to get everything you need and even how to do your makeup if you don’t want to wear the traditional scream mask.

Ghostface is the alias of a fictional serial killer and primary antagonist of the “Scream” horror franchise. The first Scream was released in 1996 as a parody of the over-the-top slasher movies that were popular at the time.

Ghostface is known for his distinctive costume that includes a tattered black robe and white ghost mask. As the series progresses, the alias of Ghostface is adopted by several different characters so that they can act out their personal vendettas in anonymity.

The iconic character design, as well as its relative simplicity, makes Ghostface a DIY Halloween costume favorite for men and women alike.

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Sexy Ghostface Costume Guide

Sexy Scream (Ghostface) costume guide

Buy Sexy Scream costume items:

  1. Ghostface mask
  2. Leather crop top
  3. Leather shorts
  4. Thigh-high stockings
  5. Black sheer shawl (optional)
  6. Black high heels
  7. Elbow-length latex gloves (optional)
  8. Halloween fake knife

A sexy adult Ghostface (Scream) costume is really easy to make at home and is perfect for Halloween or a spooky fancy dress party. Firstly, you will want to get yourself a Scream mask, which you can easily find on Amazon or any costume store. If you would rather not wear a mask, read on for our step-by-step female Scream costume makeup tutorial.

Next, for the Ghostface outfit itself. There is a lot of room for flexibility here and putting your own spin on this look. We have featured a sexy but slightly more conservative female Scream here. We used a pair of leather shorts and a matching crop top. Optional extras include thigh-high stockings, latex gloves, and a sheer shawl (for those chilly Halloween nights).

However, if you want to really crank up the heat and make a truly sexy Scream costume, might we recommend this seductive 4-piece garter lingerie set? This is one of the best-reviewed black lingerie sets on Amazon and it’s not hard to see why. If you would prefer to leave more to the imagination while still turning heads, perhaps consider a black spandex bodysuit.

Honestly, for women who want to make a fun and sexy Halloween Scream costume, the choice really is yours. Just stick to an all-black ensemble and let your naughty side fly.

Add a pair of black heels or seductive thigh-high boots, maybe even a costume knife, and your DIY sexy Ghostface costume is ready to go.

Female Scream Costume Makeup Tutorial

Female Ghostface costume makeup guide

Buy Ghostface costume makeup items:

We have to admit, the traditional Ghostface mask is not the sexiest thing in the world. If you would prefer not to wear a mask, check out this easy Scream costume makeup tutorial instead.

Tayla starts her super easy Halloween makeup by gluing down her eyebrow on the Scream face side before moving onto her glam side. For this half of the makeup, it is really up to you to do your going-out makeup however you normally would.

Back to the Ghostface makeup side, start by doing your black eyeliner (as Tayla initially forgot to do). Once you are happy with your outlines, apply white liquid foundation to the remaining skin. Next, apply black makeup around the eye, nose, and mouth area. Define your lines with white eyeliner and a black pencil. Use eyeshadow to create darker black and shadow gradients.

Once you are happy with the look, set your makeup with translucent setting powder.

There you have it, your sexy Ghostface (Scream) costume is all ready to hit the town this Halloween season!

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