How to Make a Sexy Female Patrick Bateman Costume

Patrick Bateman costume female

A sexy female Patrick Bateman costume is a fun twist on a Halloween cosplay favorite. It is also incredibly easy to make at home. We show you where to get everything you need and how to make the best outfit possible with our step-by-step Patrick Bateman costume guide – made exclusively for women.

Patrick Bateman (played by Christian Bale) is the central character of “American Psycho“, based on the best-selling novel of the same name. Patrick is a wealthy and successful banker living in Manhattan, New York.

On the surface, Bateman looks like any other white-collar investor: Handsome, rich, and with a penchant for the finer things in life.

However, beneath his carefully polished exterior, Bateman hides a sadistic and disturbing personality. Throughout American Psycho, Bateman increasingly gives in to his darker fantasies, graphically assaulting and murdering women to feed his need for power and domination.

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American Psycho is a brilliantly satirical movie that explores the excess materialism, consumerism, and superficiality of American culture during the height of the 1980s Wall Street boom.

The fact that Patrick could be anyone makes this anti-hero one of the scariest villains of modern cinema. Now, it’s time for the girls to prove that a Patrick Bateman Halloween costume is not just for the boys.

Our female Patrick Bateman outfit is fun, sexy (just the right amount slutty), and easy to make at home, just in time for a last-minute Halloween outfit.

How to Make a Female Patrick Bateman Costume

Sexy Patrick Bateman women's costume guide

Buy Female Patrick Bateman costume items:

  1. EVA raincoat
  2. Crop blazer
  3. Ultra-crop white blouse
  4. Short pencil skirt
  5. Fishnet stockings
  6. Black high heels
  7. Red necktie
  8. Red suspenders
  9. Cosplay axe
  10. Fake blood

Step 1: The raincoat – One of the most recognizable props for a woman’s Patrick Bateman costume is his full-body raincoat. In the movie, Patrick wears this coat to prevent blood splatter from ruining his expensive corporate suit.

Find yourself a standard EVA poncho and, using a regular paintbrush, splatter some blood spray across the front. Add some thicker blood stains and spots around your wrists, and let some lighter droplets run down the lower length of your raincoat.

Step 2: Patrick Bateman’s suit – For men, the next step for this outfit couldn’t be any easier – all they need is a black two-piece suit. However, as we’re subverting this classic look and going for more of a sexy (slutty) Patrick Bateman costume vibe, we did things a little differently.

We started with a simple crop blazer and pencil skirt combo (in keeping with 1980s corporate-woman fashion). Next, to make this sexy Patrick Bateman outfit as steamy as possible, we paired them with an ultra-cropped white blouse instead of a regular dress shirt.

Did we take it too far? Perhaps a more modestly cropped shirt would be more appropriate…

Step 3: Outfit accessories – Add a pair of fishnet stockings and high heels and this female Patrick Bateman costume is looking pretty damn sexy. Finish the outfit with a slim, red necktie (lightly patterned for added authenticity) and a pair of Bateman’s matching red suspenders.

Rather not wear stilettos all Halloween? Some of our favorite Patrick Bateman girls on Pinterest wear a pair of sexy women’s over-the-knee boots for their costumes instead. perfect for the cooler months.

Step 4: Your weapon of choice – You might be looking cute as all hell, but you’re not to be trifled with. You need a deadly weapon: a full-sized axe to be exact, just like the one used by Bateman in American Psycho.

Okay, maybe not exactly like that. To avoid getting into too much trouble, we highly recommend you use a completely safe – though still menacing – foam prop axe for your Patrick Bateman costume: Because even psycho girls need to consider health and safety from time to time.

Splatter a generous amount of fake blood along the edge of the blade and add a bloody handprint to the hilt.

If you’re not sure how best to ‘bloody’ up your American Psycho costume, Instructables has a great guide on how to create realistic fake blood splatter that we highly recommend checking out.

And that’s all there is to it. Proving that powerful women can be every bit as dangerous and psychotic as the men, your sexy female Patrick Bateman costume is ready for Halloween!

American Psycho Makeup Inspiration

Female American Psycho Costume Makeup Idea

Check out this super short and easy makeup tutorial from Abi Else to see how she does her makeup for her own American Psycho outfit.

We think the winged eyeshadow, defined eyelashes, and slicked-back hair would fit perfectly with our sexy female Bateman costume vibes. And the blood, of course. Plenty of fake blood is a must.

Is a women’s Patrick Bateman costume right for you?

Are you secretly the female embodiment of Patrick Bateman? Let’s find out with our completely scientific personality quiz. How many of Bateman’s character traits do you relate to?

1. Full of confidence – It’s hard to drag yourself away from the mirror when you look this good. Your skin is flawless, your makeup on point, and this day is about to be your bitch.

2. Mild sociopathic tendencies – You know what you want in life and you let nobody get in the way. Some say sociopath, we say major boss energy.

3. Lowkey sadist – Not, in like a bad way, but there’s a fine line between pain and pleasure, right?

4. Lover of the finer things – Fine wines, Michelin-star meals, 5-star resorts, you have a taste for the finest things life has to offer.

5. Suffer no fools – Being the best is exhausting, especially when nobody else even comes close to your standard of perfection.

Is it a match? Perfect, your female Patrick Bateman Halloween costume awaits you, you sexy thing. It’s time to show the rest of these plebs what an American Psycho really looks like.

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