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Dress like Harry Potter’s faithful familiar with our step-by-step Hedwig cosplay guide

Hedwig costume

How To Dress Like Hedwig

We all dreamed of Hedwig turning up at our door one day to deliver our Hogwarts acceptance letter, right? Alas, our invitation never did arrive but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to dream.

Hedwig is a fun and unique Harry Potter costume idea that is perfect for adults and kids alike. From the most adorable Hedwig beanie to the best Hogwarts letter replica, we have everything you need to make an incredibly adorable cosplay.


Hedwig (Harry Potter) DIY costume

1. HAT This is a cute and simple accessory that really just ties this whole Hedwig costume together. The beanie comes with an embroidered beak and eyes and adorable feather pom-poms. Just note that although it says one size fits all, it might run a little too small if you have a larger head.

2. PONCHO How do you recreate Hedwig’s wings? With a poncho, of course! This is another fun and easy way to make your owl costume look special. Also, it’s perfect for those cold winter nights.

3. SHAWLIncorporate some feathers into your DIY Hedwig costume with a feathered shawl. Alternatively, a feather boa is another good option.

4. SKIRT This skirt is another great way to get that feathered finish. A hand-stitched, genuine feather mini skirt with a luxuriously soft satin lining. What’s not to love?

5. FLATS Your choice of footwear is really up to you. We went for a minimal pair of white flats, simply so that they would match the rest of our outfit while also being comfortable for parties.

6. LEGGINGSRecreate Hedwig’s owl legs with a pair of white tights. Optionally, you could also add a pair of feathered leg garters, if you feel more feathers are still needed.

7. HOGWARTS LETTER Make your childhood fantasy come true with a customized Hogwarts acceptance letter. It’s time to stop waiting for Hedwig to deliver our dream and make our dream come true for ourselves!



Hedwig is a snowy owl and Harry Potter’s cherished familiar. Hagrid gifted Hedwig to Harry on his eleventh birthday and she served as a loyal familiar throughout his time at Hogwarts.

Devastatingly, Hedwig was killed in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, symbolizing a loss of innocence and the growing darkness overrunning the wizarding world.

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