Haunt the toilets of Hogwarts with our step-by-step Myrtle Warren cosplay guide

Moaning Myrtle costume

How To Dress Like Moaning Myrtle

Poor Moaning Myrtle became Tom Riddle’s first victim after accidentally staring into the eyes of the basilisk while crying in the women’s toilets. As if her time at Hogwarts wasn’t tough enough, that really is no way to go.

We’re here to recognize Myrtle Warren for what she was: A complex and layered character who struggled to acclimate to life at Hogwarts but was good to her core, even after death. As part of our Harry Potter Costume Collection for Women, we celebrate the life (and death) of ‘Moaning’ Myrtle Warren.


Moaning Myrtle (Harry Potter) DIY costume guide

1. CLOAK – Still dressed in the Hogwarts uniform she was wearing at the time of her death, Myrtle’s gray cloak is perfect for a ghost destined to haunt the ladies’ restroom for eternity.

2. SKIRT – To make Myrtle’s schoolgirl outfit we started with a gray pleated skirt. Just ensure it’s a modest length so you don’t end up in detention!

3. SWEATER – Add a light gray sleeveless sweater with a v-neck.

4. TIE – No pop of color is permitted for this Moaning Myrtle costume, the tie should be an equally drab affair with black-on-gray stripes.

5. SOCKS – Next, a pair of standard gray tube socks.

6. GLASSES – Just like Harry Potter, Myrtle Warren wears a distinctive pair of round, wireframe glasses.

7. PATCH – Represent your school with an iron-on Hogwarts patch. Apply to the left breast of your cloak.

8. SHIRT – A white dress shirt to be worn under your school sweater. This Moaning Myrtle costume is all about those layers, perfect for cold Halloween nights.

9. SHOES – Finally, a pair of modest formal flats round out this super fun costume. 

BONUS: Can we interest anyone in a toilet seat with their outfit? 



Myrtle Elizabeth Warren was a student at Hogwarts during the 1940s; known for being something of a forlorn and lonesome character with few friends.

Myrtle met her untimely death after Tom Riddle – a student of Hogwarts at the time – opened the Chamber of Secrets, releasing the Basilisk. Although there were rumblings among the teachers that the Chamber of Secrets had been opened by another student, it was never officially confirmed.

Her story became a tragic tale in Hogwarts, repeated from one cohort of students to the next who would wonder what the frequent wails and moans were coming from the girl’s bathroom.

More DIY 'Moaning Myrtle' Costume Ideas

Myrtle was one of Tom Riddle’s first casualties in his quest for immortality. Myrtle Warren had a tough time at Hogwarts with few friends and less compassion. It’s no wonder her soul stuck around after the basilisk killed her.

Moaning Myrtle is a funny and unusual costume idea for the true Harry Potter fans. It is also a relatively easy outfit to make at home with just a few everyday items.

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