Slither into your next Harry Potter costume party in style as Voldermort’s loyal horcrux

How To Dress Like Nagini

Are you looking for a more unusual Harry Potter costume idea this year? We have just the outfit for you. Nagini is arguably Voldermort’s closest ally and one of his seven Horcruxes.

As a Maledictus, she is cursed to live in snake form, unable to transform back into her human woman body. That’s fine with us, what’s cooler than a snake costume? From the perfect serpentine accessories to the scaliest makeup, we show you everything you need to make the best DIY Nagini costume.


1.  SHIRT – This sheer cropped snake-print shirt is simply perfect for our scaly look.

2. SKIRT – Next, a sexy snakeskin skirt continues the theme of a woman/snake hybrid. As an added bonus, who doesn’t look amazing in a snakeskin skirt?

3. HEELS – Either black or green heels will work perfectly for this outfit. A pair of boots is also a great option. Just choose whatever you feel works best!

4. FISHNETS – We absolutely fell in love with these snake-themed fishnet stockings when we saw them. The reviews for these speak for themselves so go ahead and get yourself a pair, you won’t be disappointed!

5. FANGS – Like a deadly viper, you are going to need a fearsome set of fangs. Fake vampire teeth work particularly well for Nagini.

6. EYESHADOW – For our Nagini snake makeup we used a green palette to create a smoky eye look. An eye palette can also be used for applying your fake scales.

7. NECKLACE – Optional extra but we felt a fake tooth necklace was a great little detail for our Nagini costume.

8. RINGS – Again, while not essential, these stunning snake rings helped emphasize the slithery aesthetic we were going for.

9. STENCIL – Finally, if like us, the thought of detailing your own scales sends shivers of anxiety down your back, we highly recommend a snakeskin stencil. For the last little touch, you could also spray your hair with green highlights to complement your scales.



Nagini is a Maledictus, though once a beautiful woman, she carries a blood curse that eventually transforms her into a snake.

She plays a critical role in Harry Potter as Lord Voldermort’s familiar and one of his seven Horcruxes. Chronologically, Nagini is depicted by Claudia Kim in the prequel Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, set decades before her encounter with Voldemort. At this stage in her life, Nagini is still able to control her powers, shifting between snake and human form freely.

Nagini eventually meets her end during the Battle of Hogwarts when Neville Longbottom uses her own sword to behead her, thus destroying the last of the Horcuxes. 

More DIY 'Nagini' Costume Ideas

Nagini is a fun and unusual costume that’s just perfect for Harry Potter fans who want a more ‘out-of-the-box’ outfit idea. Can we also say, how adorable would a Lord Voldemort and Nagini couple’s costume be?!

Of course, thanks to Fantastic Beasts, we finally got a glimpse at what Nagini might have looked like in her human form. We could have based our DIY outfit guide on that but where’s the fun in that?

If snake Nagini doesn’t tickle your fancy or you need some more ideas for how to do your makeup, check out all the homemade costumes and cosplays that inspired us on our journey!