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Dress up like the loveable ass you are with this fun and flirty Donkey from Shrek outfit

Sexy Donkey Costume

How To Dress Like Donkey

Do you want to know how to make a sexy Donkey costume from Shrek?  You’ve come to the right place. We show you everything you need to make the best outfit possible, as well as how to channel your inner lovable ass. 

From the perfect accessory set to a cheeky choker collar to a sexy playful crop top and pleated skirt combo, this might just be one of our most adorable looks yet!


Sexy Donkey costume guide

Do you look your best in gray? And have an affinity for one of nature’s goofiest animals? Perfect. A sexy Donkey costume might be just the outfit for you.

We started our look with a rather short pleated mini skirt and deep neck crop top. Not your style? Any gray dress would work just as well.

Now, swap out those donkey hooves for a sexy pair of over-the-knee heel boots and some midi-grid gray stockings.

We also added a collar-style choker to our outfit for a little extra kink appeal (though this is entirely optional).

Finish your costume with a donkey accessory set – including ears, tail, nose, bow tie, and gloves.

Honestly, the donkey nose and paws aren’t the hottest things in the world (unless you’re into that kind of thing) but the tail and oversized ears really tie this whole outfit together.



Donkey, from the Shrek film series, is a talkative and energetic donkey with a heart of gold. He becomes Shrek’s loyal companion and best friend after they meet in the first movie.

Donkey’s humor, wit, and sometimes oblivious nature add comedic relief to the storyline. Despite his tendency to be annoying at times, his unwavering loyalty and genuine care for Shrek and his friends make him an endearing character.

Throughout the series, Donkey’s antics and adventurous spirit contribute to the dynamic of the group, making him an integral part of their journey.

How to Act Like Donkey:

Is a this look the right fit for you on a personal level? Let’s find out.

1. Proving that “stubborn as a donkey” is a racist (animalist?) stereotype, Donkey is the exact opposite of what we might expect from his species. He is hyperactive, perpetually optimistic, and loves to talk and talk.

2. While never ill-intentioned, Donkey’s obliviousness to how others perceive his actions can sometimes lead to frustration and conflict.

3. Although Donkey occasionally lets his fear of the every day (dragons, spiders, critters in general) get the better of him, he never lets his friends down when it matters most.

4. The only thing shorter than Donkey’s attention span is Shrek’s hair.

5. Nothing matters to Donkey more than his friendships. He would do anything for his friends and his genuine compassion for and belief in others often brings out the best in them.