Handsome Human Shrek DIY Costume Guide

Human Shrek Costume

Do you want to know how to make the best Human Shrek costume? We show you how with our step-by-step DIY outfit guide. Including where to find everything you need and how to make his distinctive vest.

In Shrek 2, newlyweds Shrek and Princess Fiona are invited to attend a royal ballet to celebrate their marriage.

There, Shrek begins to doubt that he will ever be good enough for Fiona. His fears are apparently confirmed when he discovers Fiona’s childhood diary revealing that she was once infatuated with Prince Charming.

In an attempt to make himself more like Prince Charming, Shrek drinks a “Happily Ever After” potion that transforms him into a ‘handsome’ human.

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A Human Shrek costume is a fun and novel idea that is guaranteed to make one hell of an entrance.

Despite Shrek 2 being almost 20 years old, this is a memorable and instantly recognizable character that nearly all millennials are sure to remember with nostalgic fondness.

Human Shrek Costume

Human Shrek costume guide

Buy Human Shrek costume items:

  1. Red Renaissance waistcoat
  2. Green thermal leggings
  3. Renaissance long-sleeve shirt
  4. Medieval cosplay loafers
  5. Twisted gold craft rope
  6. Gold fabric marker
  7. Green fabric paint
  8. Faux pearl buttons

How to make the Handsome Shrek outfit:

The Waistcoat: For our Handsome Shrek costume we started with a red Renaissance-style lace-up vest. Unfortunately, we were unable to find anything that we liked and was similar enough to the vest Shrek wears, so a bit of DIY is necessary (see below for instructions).

The red vest, while not identical, does fit well with the overall aesthetic of this Shrek costume and provides a solid canvas on which we can then paint the gold and green patterns, as well as add the golden rope detailing.

The undershirt: For this, we went with a Rennaisance, long-sleeve shirt in a light khaki. We also chose a size up (XL) for that added length that Human Shrek has under his vest.

Another potential option could be an Indian Kurta pajama top. This would provide the desired extra-long length and loose fit.

The pants: This part of the outfit is super easy. Shrek wears a pair of extra-tight leggings in an Army green. For your Human Shrek costume, we highly recommend picking up a pair of everyday thermal compression pants (fleece-lined too, for those cold winter nights).

The shoes: For that medieval vibe, a simple pair of lace-up bandage boots is your best bet. There are a number of high-quality medieval cosplay shoes to choose from. We went for a simple pair of ankle boots in a light brown finish, but the choice is yours.

How to make the Handsome Shrek waistcoat:

Handsome Shrek reference

Step 1: Using the reference image above, use a pencil or marker to sketch your pattern outline. Handsome Shrek’s costume uses a three-pronged leaf pattern and each leaf has a second outline with approximately an inch of separation.

Make sure to leave a blank space of approximately 1 1/2 inches around the neckline and the base of the vest. If you have chosen to use a vest that does not have a lace or button-up closure, you could leave a space down the center too.

Step 2: Fill in your leaf patterns with green fabric paint. Note that some of the leaves are painted green on the interior with the exterior outline left blank and others are painted the opposite way (the interior leaf is left blank with the outer part painted green).

Once you are happy with the finish, it’s time to retrace the lines with a gold fabric paint or quality gold marker.

Step 3: Paint the space you left around the neckline in gold. Repeat the process with the green fabric paint around the lower hemline (and down the button line too if you have left this blank).

Once the paint has fully dried (and you have applied another coat if necessary), stitch your faux pearl buttons along the green hemline with a separation of approximately 2 inches.

Step 4: Now for the really fiddly part of this Handsome Shrek costume. You will need to cut four separate lengths of twisted gold rope: two for the upper and lower neckline (the upper and lower parts of the gold border you painted in Step 3) and the same for your hem.

We found actually wearing the vest at this stage and measuring the rope out that way helped us get the correct measurements.

Once you have the correct lengths it’s time to glue the rope to your costume. Use a premium fabric glue and take your time here; nothing ruins a quality cosplay like too much glue.

Check out this quick guide from cos-bond on the benefits and drawbacks of different cosplay adhesive techniques if you’re unsure.

If you are also detailing the button-line, repeat this process with two more lengths of ornate rope.

Alternatively, if you are using a lace-up vest like us, you could replace the standard black lace with gold rope to really tie your whole Handsome Shrek costume together. Again, this is not exactly how human Shrek wears it but it does create an immediately recognizable look.

Step 5: Optionally, use a thicker gold rope (8mm) to add the finishing touches around the vest’s arms. Of course, you could also use the regular gold rope if you have enough left.

Typically spools of craft rope are available in lengths of 15-20 yards. For comparison, a 35-inch waist is just under one yard in circumference so this should be more than enough to complete the hem, neckline, and armhole detailing.

There you have it, your DIY Human Shrek costume is officially ready!

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