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Dress like the firebreathing diva you are with this gorgeous Dragon outfit idea

DIY Shrek female Dragon costume

How To Dress Like Dragon

We show you how to make a DIY Dragon from Shrek costume in 3 easy steps. The perfect outfit for a last-minute Halloween party or fairytale-themed dress-up event.

From the most adorable pair of dragon wings to a matching scaly ensemble to claws fit for a firebreathing diva, this is everything you need to look and feel hotter than a dragon surrounded by a lake of molten lava!


DIY Dragon from Shrek Costume Guide

STEP 1: THE OUTFIT – We started wite a super cute red-scale crop top and matching mini skirt combination. Both items match Dragon’s color scheme perfectly and the shimmery fabric really makes the material look like dragon scales.

Another option we liked – used by several of our favorite Shrek Dragon costumes on Pinterest – is a high-slit flowy maxi skirt. This gives the whole outfit less of a dress-up look and more of a fashionable and sexy overall aesthetic.

Add a pair of red or black heels (boots work too) and your costume is already starting to take shape.

STEP 2: ACCESSORIZE – Which accessories you want to wear is really down to you. We highly recommend a pair of Dragon’s distinctively triangular-shaped ears in order to tie this whole look together.

A tail is also a cute addition.

Many of the Dragon tails we found were a little too costume-store cheap for our taste. Our favorite choice by far was the “Demons and Devils” tail from Forum Novelties. This tail matched the color scheme of our DIY Shrek Dragon costume and is subtle enough not to feel like a tacked-on extra.

If you really want to go all out, check out these brilliant Dragon costume wings. They’re so cute!

STEP 3: MAKEUP – If, like us, the thought of painting your own dragon scales that actually look even halfway decent brings you out in a hot sweat, then a stencil makes this task super easy. With a purple and pink makeup palette apply a cluster of scales to your forehead and around the edges of one eye. We found adding a shimmery wine-red eyeshadow also works really well.

If you have a pair of stockings handy, you could also try applying dragon scales with fishnets. We can’t vouch for this method ourselves but the results speak for themselves!

For the finishing touch, we applied a set of stiletto false nails in wine red (matching the eyeshadow) to serve as makeshift claws.



Dragon initially serves as one of the main villains of the original Shrek movie where she guards the tower of Princess Fiona. However, it soon becomes clear that – much like Shrek, Donkey, and the other fairytale creatures of Far Far Away Land – Dragon is simply misunderstood.

Despite her fearsome appearance and ability to breathe fire, Dragon is a deeply caring and affectionate creature who just wants to be loved and accepted. She finally finds what she’s been looking for in Donkey, with the two soon getting married and siring a litter of adorable Donkey/Dragon hybrids.

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