Dress like the smallest man with the biggest Napoleon complex with our saucy Lord Farquaad guide

Sexy Lord Farquaad Costume

How To Dress Like Lord Farquaad

So you want to know how to make a sexy Lord Farquaad look? Don’t worry, we won’t judge. We’re the home of the best and sexiest Shrek costumes.

We show you how to make the best DIY Farquaad outfit possible, including where to find everything you need and what you might already have at home. And for the most unconventional (yet one of our most popular) couple’s outfits, be sure to check out our Thelonious Executioner guide!


Sexy Lord Farquaad (Shrek) costume guide

We like to be as flexible as possible when it comes to our DIY outfit guides and our sexy Lord Farquaad costume is no different.

First, choose your favorite red dress. We went for a puff sleeve and ruffled dress in keeping with the medieval theme of Farquaad’s kingdom.

Don’t worry if you don’t have something similar or don’t want to buy something new. This Farquaad cosplay will work with pretty much any dress as long as it matches the color scheme, trust us.

Accessorize with a red beret, matching gloves, and a pair of knee-high boots. We also recommend incorporating a red cape to really tie the whole look together. How much is a regal velvet cape going to cost though?! A lot less than you would expect actually.

We personally love the costume cape from Mayplous. Both for its quality and budget-friendly price tag. Finish with a leather belt wrapped above your hips and a black bob wig if necessary.



Lord Farquaad is the primary villain of DreamWork’s 2001 animated classic, Shrek. To secure his rule over the kingdom of Duloc, Farquaad realizes he has to marry a princess.

He lands on Princess Fiona, who is trapped in a tower far away and guarded by a fearsome dragon. After a competition designed to help him find the best Knight in his kingdom, Lord Farquaad settles on Shrek.

Intolerant of the mythical ‘abominations’ that inhabit his kingdom, as well as anyone else who opposes him, Lord Farquaad is every bit the conventional fairytale villain.

Is This the Right Outfit for You?

Are you and Lord Farquaad destined for a fairytale ending?

Let’s find out with a fun little personality comparison.

1. Ambitious: Farquaad’s primary goal throughout Shrek is to secure his role as king over Duloc. It is his ambition that drives him above all else.

2. Self-assured: Lord Farquaad is the best ruler in all the land and he knows it. Despite his obvious physical disadvantages, Farquaad lets nothing get in the way of his ultimate goal.

3. Short-tempered: This is a person who does not suffer fools lightly. He becomes quickly frustrated in the face of incompetence and doesn’t mind letting people know what he really thinks.

4. Perfectionist: Is Lord Farquaad such a bad guy, really? All he wanted was for his perfect little Kingdom to be, well, perfect. Sure, that meant the extermination of every fairytale being that inhabited Far Far Away Land. But nobody said perfection was easy.

5. Ruthless: Nobody gets in the way of Lord Farquaad and his ambitions. Round up all the mythical creatures and sentence them to death? Check. Sacrifice countless knights in the pursuit of true love? No problem. Farquaad is willing to do what needs to be done.