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Take a stroll down Drury Lane with this adorable ‘Gingy’ The Gingerbread man outfit

Gingerbread Man Shrek Costume

How To Dress Like the Gingerbread Man

Do you want to know how to make the best DIY Gingy (Gingerbread man) costume from Shrek?Find out how with our step-by-step outfit and makeup guide – the perfect costume for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Gingy holds a special place in the hearts of all of us millennial children and parents for whom Shrek was such a major part of our formative years. And this look is a super fun and easy project for children and adults alike!


Gingy Shrek DIY costume guide

STEP 1: Find the perfect dress – This step is an opportunity to put your own unique spin on your Gingy look. As long as you stick to the color scheme, the choice of outfit is really up to you.

We went for a cute, flowy midi-dress for our costume but if you want to go for more of a sexy vibe, a tank top and matching mini skirt is also a great option.

STEP 2: The Buttons – You will need a set of extra-large purple buttons. The ones we found are 2 inches in diameter which was the perfect size – big enough to be a main feature of our costume without looking overly comical. Now sew 2-3 buttons down the middle of your dress or top.

Check out this easy guide from Seamwork on how to sew a button if you’re unsure.

STEP 3 – The Icing on the Cake – Finally, with a brush and white fabric paint, draw a bold zig-zag pattern along the lower hem of your dress to replicate the Gingerbread man’s icing. You could also add extra zig-zag patterns around your waist and neckline, though this is entirely optional.

Leave your dress to dry because it’s time to move on to your Gingy Shrek costume accessories!

STEP 4 – Accessorize! -The first of our recommended accessories is a pair of adorable and cozy candy-cane socks. Okay, so we know Gingy doesn’t actually have red-and-white-striped socks but we’re taking some artistic liberties here.

Plus, they match perfectly with our candy cane walking stick!

Sticking with the cozy winter vibes, our footwear of choice is a pair of brown Uggs with a white fur lining. Not only is this the most comfortable footwear for an all-night costume party, but the white fur has the added bonus of looking just like additional frosting around your gingerbread feet.



The Gingerbread man (Gingy) is a festive cookie brought to life as a living, talking, and feisty, mythical creature in Shrek (2001) and its sequels.

Do you know the Muffin Man? Well as legend would have it, we have him to thank for bringing this adorable little creature to life.

Gingy plays a prominent role in the original film where Lord Farquaad mercilessly tortures him into giving up the whereabouts of Princess Fiona.

Gingy Makeup Inspiration!

For your makeup, there are a few steps we highly recommend taking:

Step 1: Eyebrows – Although Gingy’s distinguishable facial features are few and far between, he does have prominent blue eyebrows. Lime Crime’s Candy Blue (Anime) brow pencil was our preferred shade of blue for this look.

Step 2: Lips – Like his blue brows, Gingy’s bright red lips are also a prominent feature of his painted-on face. One of our favorite bright red lipsticks is Maki Yika in Flamingo. This color is super vibrant and Maki Yika is a quality but inexpensive brand. Of course, your preferred red lipstick will also work perfectly well.

Step 3: Eyeshadow – Use a neutral eyeshadow such as the L.A. Girl Nude palette. This will let you create that soft brown gingerbread look while accentuating your brows and lips.