How to Make a Sexy Little Bo Peep Costume

Sexy adult Little Bo Peep costume

So you want to know how to make a sexy Little Bo Peep costume? We show you how with our step-by-step outfit guide and makeup tutorial.

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Little Bo Peep is a popular nursery rhyme character, typically depicted as a young girl or shepherdess who has lost her sheep and is searching for them. She has appeared in numerous movies and shows over the years with her role as Woody’s girlfriend in Pixar’s Toy Story the most recognized.

Interestingly, Pixar originally wanted to cast Barbie as Woody’s girlfriend in the original Toy Story. However, toy maker Mattel – who at the time had not made any Barbie animated or live-action shows – refused to license their best-selling toy, fearing a movie depiction would hamper their audience’s natural imagination.

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A sexy Bo Peep costume subverts the character’s typically wholesome and innocent depiction, making this outfit all the more fun and just a little bit naughty.

Sexy Bo Peep Costume Guide

Sexy Little Bo Peep (Toy Story) costume guide

Buy sexy Bo Peep costume items:

  1. Plaid pink off-the-shoulder mini dress
  2. White platform heels
  3. Pink hair bow clip
  4. Satin bow thigh highs
  5. Bo Peep staff
  6. Lamb plush toy

Before making your own adult Little Bo Peep costume, you need to decide which version you prefer. Bo Peep is frequently portrayed wearing either traditional pink or blue dresses. For our outfit, we opted for pink with this super cute plaid pink dress with off-the-shoulder ruffles.

However, if blue is more your color, then something like this flowy midi-dress would also be a great place to start. Both dresses are also available in a range of sizes from small to X-large. So perfect if you are looking for a plus-size Little Bo Peep costume.

Whatever color dress you choose, we highly recommend a pair of adorable white thigh-high socks with a little satin bow accent. A pink or blue hair bow clip also adds an extra cute dimension to this cosplay.

Finally, you will want to round off your sexy Bo Peep costume with an accessory or two. Little Bo Peep’s staff is a must and makes for some adorable Toy Story couple’s costume photo opportunities. A cuddly lamb plush is entirely optional but it certainly adds a more innocent contrast to this saucy outfit.

Sexy Little Bo Peep makeup tutorial

Little Bo Peep cosplay makeup guide

Buy adult Bo Peep costume makeup:

This makeup tutorial from Halloween costumes is our favorite for this sexy Little Bo Peep look. They take Toy Story 4’s vintage Bo Peep look (see reference image below) as a basis for their model and we think they knocked it out of the park.

For this look, they are able to recreate Bo Peep’s traditional housewife look while also blending in details to give her that shiny porcelain/doll look. Check out the video above and see what you think.

Once you have your outfit and makeup sorted, your sexy Little Bo Peep costume is officially ready to hit the town!

Bo Peep (Toy Story 4) makeup reference image
Little Bo Peep (Toy Story 4) makeup reference

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