How to Make a Sexy (Female) Woody Costume

Sexy Women's Woody costume (Toy Story)

Do you want to know how to make a sexy Woody costume from Toy Story? A woman’s Woody outfit is a fun and easy twist on a favorite childhood character. We show you everything you need with our step-by-step outfit guide.

Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks) is the main character from Pixar Animation Studios’ favorite animated film series, “Toy Story“. Woody’s world is turned upside down when Andy gets the hottest new kid’s toy, Buzz Lightyear, as a present on his Birthday. Woody worries that his position as Andy’s favorite toy – and the status that bestows upon him as the leader of all Andy’s toys – will be threatened by the arrival of the flashier and more impressive Buzz Lightyear.

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Together, Woody and Buzz taught us the real value of friendship, loyalty, and the bittersweet fact that we all must grow out of our toys sooner or later. Over the course of four movies spanning more than two decades, Woody has cemented himself as a favorite childhood character across multiple generations.

A sexy Woody costume is definitely a more adult take on this character but we are fully here for it. It’s fun, it’s hot, and we love it – here’s how to make your own female Woody outfit with a tasteful slutty twist.

Sexy Woody Costume Guide:

Sexy Woody (Toy Story) costume guide

Buy sexy Woody costume items:

  1. Yellow plaid shirt
  2. Denim hot pants
  3. Woody cowboy hat
  4. Woody belt
  5. Cowgirl boots
  6. Red paisley bandana
  7. Sheriff badge
  8. Revolver and holster cosplay set

We started our sexy Woody outfit by finding the perfect yellow, plaid shirt, which we then tied up around our chest in a bottom knot to reveal a little extra skin. Next, we decided to go extra slutty with our Woody costume by wearing the most revealing denim hot pants we could possibly find (in for a penny, in for a pound, right?).

Woody’s official cowboy hat and cowgirl belt – worn loosely around the waist – really tie this whole look together. A pair of quality leather cowgirl boots is also a must for any hot and authentic Woody costume.

We finished our outfit with a red bandana tied around our neck, a cowboy sheriff badge, a gun holster, and a revolver. That’s really all there is to it. The beauty of this sexy Woody costume is that it is super easy for any girl to pull off and just perfect for a last-minute costume party.

Where can I buy a complete women’s Woody outfit?

If you would rather save time and buy a ready-to-go sexy Woody costume then we have just the thing. There are a few options available but the best outfit we found was this sexy cowgirl outfit from Forplay on Amazon. This cosplay set comes with almost everything you need right out of the box: a plaid shirt, denim shorts, a belt, and a bandana.

That means the only additional accessories you will need are a cowgirl hat and a pair of boots (if you don’t have any cowgirl boots then a pair of thigh-high boots also work perfectly for a women’s Woody costume).

Forplay offers sizes all the way from XS to 2XL. So if you are looking for a plus-size Woody costume then this is a great option.

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