How to Make a Green Alien Costume from Toy Story

DIY Green Alien costume from Toy Story

Do you want to make a DIY Green Alien from Toy Story costume? This is one of the easiest costumes for you and your friends to make together. We show you how.

We first encounter the adorable and mysterious Aliens trapped inside a claw machine at Pizza Planet in the original Toy Story (1995) film.

Confined to their grabber machine, the aliens have developed their own pseudo-religion, worshipping “The Claw” as their deity. In the words of the would-be Martians, “The claw chooses who will go and who will stay”, presumably onward to their concept of the afterlife.

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A Toy Story Alien costume really only required a couple of essential accessories. The rest are largely optional but are sure to propel your outfit out of this world. This is everything you need and where to find it:

DIY Toy Story Alien Costume

DIY Green Alien costume from Toy Story

Buy DIY Alien costume items:

  1. Toy Story Alien headband
  2. Pizza Planet T-shirt
  3. Green skater skirt
  4. Tube socks
  5. Lime green face and body paint
  6. Elbow-length costume gloves
  7. Lime green wig

Step 1: The Essentials – A Toy Story Alien costume is incredibly quick and easy to make. This really is one of the best, last-minute costumes we’ve ever done. That being said, there are a couple of essential accessories.

The Headband: If you’re making a kid’s alien costume, then this could be a fun DIY project for you both. Check out this DIY Toy Story Alien Headband Template and Instructions for more.

If, like us, you’re making a Toy Story Alien costume for adults (some kids never grow up) then it’s probably just easier to buy one. They’re inexpensive and readily available on Amazon.

The Shirt: Another indispensable item is the Pizza Planet tee. This is a unisex shirt and the reviews suggest the fit is actually true-to-size (unlike many costume accessories). Choose your size and your Alien Toy Story costume is already coming together nicely!

Step 2: Optional Alien Accessories – Not essential, but a few of these extras can really bring your outfit to the next level. We highly recommend getting yourself a pair of lime green tube socks, particularly if you plan on wearing a matching skirt. The skirt and socks make this alien outfit super cute, in our humble opinion.

For men, a pair of green shorts will work just as well.

Finally, a pair of lime green, elbow-length gloves is also a great optional addition. Bonus points if you want to put your sewing skills to the test and transform your gloves into a three-fingered Martian hand.

Step 3: Alien makeup – Go all the way with a lime green wig and face/body paint. Matching wigs are a great idea if you’re teaming up with a few other Aliens for a Toy Story group costume.

For face and body paint, make sure you choose a quality product that is non-toxic, paraben-free, and fragrance-free. Snazaroo water-based face paint is a particularly good option for sensitive skin. As always though, make sure you have no allergies and that your skin is not likely to have any adverse reaction to the makeup.

Just like that, your DIY Green Alien costume from Toy Story is ready.

Can I buy an official Toy Story Alien costume?

Does all that DIY work sound like too much effort? Maybe you’ve left your outfit planning until the last minute and need a costume A.S.A.P. Don’t worry, there are plenty of top-quality Alien costumes to choose from.

If you would rather be curled up in bed than at some stupid party (we know we would) then, might we suggest, a cute and cuddly unisex aliens onesie?

For a fun Toy Story costume that is guaranteed to make a splash at any event, how about an inflatable Adult-sized Inflatable Alien Costume? Highly impractical? Absolutely. Hilarious? Potentially.

And finally, for anyone looking for an adorable family Toy Story costume, we suggest you check out the cutest baby alien we could imagine. This is a particularly fun option if you already plan on going as Woody and Bo Peep, or maybe Buzz Lightyear and Jessie.

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Check out our Pinterest for more of our favorite Alien outfits from the very best the internet has to offer. This is a pretty versatile costume that can be cute, funny, or sexy, depending on what kind of vibe you’re going for. See what your fellow Martians are up to for more inspiration.