How to Dress Like Miguel and Tulio – Road to El Dorado

Miguel and Tulio costumes

Miguel and Tulio costumes from Dreamwork’s The Road to El Dorado are fun and super easy to make for yourself. They are great cosplay outfits for friends to wear together. Chel and Tulio also make for a super cute El Dorado couple’s costume idea.

The Road to El Dorado follows two con men, Miguel and Tulio, as they set out on a quest to find the legendary city of gold. After stowing away on a ship bound for the New World, they are mistaken for gods by the local population. Miguel and Tulio decide to maintain the ruse until they can safely make away with a portion of the city’s riches.

Faced with the choice of stealing from the city and escaping or protecting the lives of their newfound friends, the two decide on the latter after realizing the true value of friendship above all else. After outsmarting Hernan Cortes and his invading army, the reformed con men say goodbye to their new friends and embark on a series of adventures across the New World.

Miguel and Tulio wear distinctive, colonial-period-inspired costumes that can be easily made at home. We show you how here.

Miguel and Tulio Costumes

Miguel (El Dorado) costume guide

Miguel Costume

Buy Miguel costume items:

  1. Baggy red shirt
  2. Renaissance cosplay pants
  3. Brown leather belt
  4. Black penny loafers
  5. Blonde middle part wig
  6. Lute instrument

To make Miguel’s El Dorado costume, start with a red shirt with cuffed wrists. We went for a size up from what we would normally wear. This, along with the cuffed wrists, allowed us to create the desired baggy effect. In the end, we were happy with the fit but you may also wish to cut the neckline lower to match Miguel’s shirt. Check out this article from Letsgohobby on how to effectively lower a shirt neckline if you want to make this alteration.

The next step for your Miguel costume is to find a pair of baggy breeches or pants. Again, we recommend going a size up and finding a pair with cuffed ankles. Pirate-style cosplay pants are perfect for this purpose. Finish your outfit with a brown leather belt (with a silver buckle) and a pair of black penny loafers.

If needed, we found this blonde middle-part wig to be almost perfect for emulating Miguel’s hairstyle.

If you really want to take your Miguel costume to the next level, you could even top off your outfit with his signature Lute instrument.

Tulio El Dorado costume guide

Tulio Costume

Buy Tulio costume items:

  1. Long-sleeve blue pirate shirt
  2. Brown vest
  3. Green pirate pants
  4. Black belt with gold buckle
  5. Pilgrim shoes
  6. Black ponytail wig

A Tulio El Dorado costume is just as easy to DIY as Miguel’s. To start, you will need a baggy blue shirt. We recommend taking a pirate-style shirt and removing the string to create Tulio’s open collar. Add a regular brown vest, potentially in a smaller size as Tulio’s vest is more like a crop top than anything.

Like Miguel, Tulio’s costume calls for a pair of baggy pants (this time in green) with cuffed ankles so that they can be worn further up your hamstring. Finish your outfit with a black leather belt (with a gold buckle) and a pair of vintage Pilgrim shoes. Note, pirate pants don’t typically come with belt loops so you will need to wear your belt extra tight to keep both in place.

We recommend this highly-rated black ponytail wig as a very close approximation to Tulio’s hairstyle.

There you have it, your Tulio and Miguel costumes are ready to go! Be sure to check out our costume guide for Chel if you have a female friend or partner looking to join in the fun.

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