Chel Cosplay Guide: How to Dress Like Chel from El Dorado

How to dress like Chel from El Dorado

So, you want to make a Chel costume from El Dorado? We’re not surprised. Chel is a very popular, fun, and sexy cosplay option for Halloween and fancy dress parties. It is also super easy to make. We show you two of our favorite DIY Chel cosplay outfits, how to make them at home, and even how best to do your makeup.

Chel is one of the main protagonists of the much-loved animated movie, “The Road to El Dorado“. Tulio and Miguel first meet Chel as she is trying to flee El Dorado after stealing a golden statue head.

Chel then agrees to use her vast knowledge of the city to help Tulio and Miguel blend into the community undetected and enact their scheme to steal some of the city’s many untold riches.

Despite both male characters initially agreeing that Chel is “off limits”, she soon manages to seduce Tulio during a massage. Here, she quickly overcomes Tulio’s initial wariness and engages in a romantic relationship with him. Although this might have initially been a ploy to aid her escape, the two quickly develop a real and caring bond.

As a strong-willed and charismatic character, Chel is one of the best characters from The Road to El Dorado. Her unique, tribal-inspired outfit makes Chel a great cosplay choice in her own right, while Chel and Tulio (see our Miguel and Tulio outfit guide) are also the perfect couples’ Halloween costume.

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DIY Chel Cosplay Ideas:

Easy Chel costume guide

Option 1: Original Chel Costume

Buy Chel cosplay items:

  1. Chel El Dorado two-piece outfit with earrings
  2. Straight long black wig
  3. Jade bangle bracelet (x2)
  4. Strappy sandals

If you are looking for a quick and easy, potentially last-minute Chel costume then look no further. This outfit is so easy to make at home with only a few items necessary and is just perfect for Halloween or a fancy dress event.

The Chel cosplay costume from CosKidz Store on Amazon is a great place to start. The outfit includes her tube top, loincloth, and earrings and comes highly rated with over 100 happy reviews. Just note, a number of people have noted that the outfit is slightly larger than you might expect, so keep that in mind when choosing your size.

Next, for Chel’s hair, we recommend the long, straight black anime wig from Cosplaza. This wig is almost identical to Chel’s luscious black hair, including her distinctive straight bangs, and also comes very highly rated for its quality.

Finish your Chel El Dorado costume with a pair of green Jade bangle bracelets. Although Chel goes barefoot throughout the movie, you might wish to get yourself some sensible footwear if you plan on attending a Halloween party or cosplay event. We recommend some strappy sandals to keep with the overall aesthetic of Chel’s outfit.

DIY Goth Chel (El Dorado) costume guide

Option 2: Goth Chel costume

Buy Chel cosplay items:

  1. Strapless black tube top
  2. Black mini skirt
  3. Chunky platform boots
  4. Leather choker collar
  5. Fishnet stockings
  6. Straight long black wig

The origins of the ‘goth’ Chel cosplay are unclear although it quite possibly started its life as fan art on Tumblr. Whoever first came up with this idea, there’s no denying that this has become an incredibly popular alternative Chel costume.

For that punk vibe, you will want to stick to an all-black color palette. We chose a black tube top and a mini skirt for our outfit. However, you could also make your own loincloth from a length of black fabric, which would be more in keeping with Chel’s original outfit in El Dorado.

Next, we went with some high-waisted fishnet stockings, a black collar choker, and some sexy platform boots. We used the same long, black wig from Cosplaza that we recommended above.

This Chel cosplay has a lot of room for putting your own unique spin on it. See some of our favorite cosplayers below for a little more inspiration.

Chel Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

Chel El Dorado cosplay makeup transformation

Buy Chel costume makeup items:

SkyeSpectrum shows you how to transform into Chel from Dreamwork’s Road to El Dorado with her brilliant cosplay makeup tutorial.

Skye prepares her face by moisturizing and applying Tatcha silk canvas primer. Next, she uses a blush palette to correct her dark spots and under-eye circles ready to apply her foundation for a solid base to build upon. We agree with Skye here, her skin looks flawless!

Apply concealer around your nose and eye and an amber highlight shade from Fenty’s (brilliant) magnetic Match Stix range. Contour with a darker Fenty match stick or similar.

Once you are happy with your skin tone and contouring, it’s time to start on your eyes. Begin by priming your eyebrows and using your favorite brow brush. Chel has full black eyebrows so you will want to go with a dark brow color. Add a subtle shadow to your eyelids.

As Skye skips the step for the winged eyeliner (and because this is a crucial part of Chel’s cosplay makeup) we recommend checking out this guide on how to do winged eyeliner based on your eye shape from the makeup blog, ipsy, if you’re unsure how to do your own.

Apply some highlights around the eyes, and your preferred lipstick, and hold the whole look firmly in place with a setting spray. There you have it, is this the best Chel/El Dorado cosplay we have ever seen? We think so.

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