Milo and Kida Atlantis ‘How To’ Costume Guide

Milo and Kida costume (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)

We show you how to make the best Milo and Kida couple’s costume with our step-by-step outfit guide.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire (released in 2001) is one of Disney’s most underrated classics.

The story is set in 1914 and follows the young cartographer, Milo Thatch. Eager to prove himself as a worthy explorer, Milo continues the work of his late grandfather and picks up where he left off in the search for the lost city of Atlantis.

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Milo leads an expedition to the depths of the ocean funded by the mysterious Preston Whitmore. There he is successful in finding the Atlanteans, led by the beautiful Princess Kida.

Tensions arise when the ulterior motives of Commander Lyle Rourke are revealed. With the help of his mercenaries, Rourke intends to steal the Heart of Atlantis, a powerful and sacred crystal.

Milo joins forces with the Atlanteans to foil Rourke’s plan. Afterward, Milo decides to remain in Atlantis to help them rediscover their lost culture and be with his true love, Kida.

Princess Kida Costume

We start this Milo and Kida costume guide with the queen of Atlantis herself: Kidagakash ‘Kida’ Nedakh.

Princess 'Kida' Kidagakash costume guide

Buy Kida Nedakh costume items:

  1. Princess Kida outfit
  2. Gold dangle earrings
  3. Crystal necklace
  4. White cosplay wig
  5. Leather hair tie
  6. Radiant Scepter replica (Etsy)

1. Kida outfit: Now, you can always make your Kida costume from scratch. If that’s what you want to do, we recommend starting with a twist split crop top and a sky blue mini skirt. Then make your own loincloth from a strip of matching fabric.

However, to save ourselves time (and because honestly, the premade Kida costume was so good we weren’t sure we could do any better) we started with the ‘The Lost Princess outfit’ from Forplay.

This outfit included everything we needed to get started: a bandeau top and matching skirt with drape, as well as gold arm and ankle cuffs.

2. Earrings: Next, you will need a pair of gold, rectangle dangle earrings. We think any similarly styled pair would work perfectly with this look.

However, if you’re looking to make a truly authentic Kida costume, then you can pick up a stunning pair of Kida earring replicas on Etsy.

3. Necklace: No Kida costume is complete without the ‘Heart of Atlantis’: essentially a turquoise or teal crystal that hangs from a regular necklace.

Again, if you want the best, then you can find an Atlantis replica necklace on Etsy. It even glows like the real thing!

4. Wig: If, like us, you haven’t been blessed with hair as white and soft as winter snow, then you will most likely need a cosplay wig to complete this look.

5. Hair tie: Kida wears a leather hair strap in a sort of loose side ponytail (see image above). It’s a small detail and entirely optional but it definitely adds some extra authenticity to our Kida cosplay.

6. The Radiant Scepter: Finally, if you really want to go all out then Kida’s Radiant Scepter is a no-brainer.

HoursMagicShop handcrafts all kinds of movie-inspired wooden staff and scepter props with an attention to detail that is second to none. Their shop is most definitely worth a look!

Milo Thatch Costume

Milo and Kida are not the most likely of pairings but this rugged and masculine costume offers the perfect foil to Kida’s beauty and femininity.

Milo Thatch costume guide

Buy Milo costume items:

  1. Brown overcoat
  2. Green cargo pants
  3. Khaki sweater
  4. Tactical boots
  5. WWII canvas gaiters
  6. Canvas messenger bag
  7. Round frame glasses
  8. Leather Journal

1. Coat: We started our Milo Thatch costume with a brown peacoat befitting such a legendary explorer.

Of course, the low-key hunk is also famous for stripping down to his undershirt and revealing his seriously impressive and lean physique.

If you are making your Kida and Milo costume on a time-constraint then this is a quick and easy alternative look. Instead of an overcoat and sweater, all you will need is a tank top in light khaki.

2. Pants: Next, get yourself some khaki or light green trousers. Combat or cargo pants are a great option for this Milo costume. As are Victorian-inspired ‘breeches’ with their baggier fit.

If you are going for the more dressed-down tank top outfit, you will also need a brown leather belt with a gold buckle, preferably one with a well-worn finish.

3. Sweater: Add a thick knitted sweater with a button collar. You should look for one in light brown as this will be the lightest accessory you wear.

4. Boots: A true explorer needs a pair of boots he can depend on. Combat boots are a great option but anything that looks rugged and reliable will work.

5. Canvas ankle straps: In WWI, soldiers would often wear canvas gaiters as extra protection around their lower legs. It appears Milo also wears something similar.

If you have a heavy-duty set of boots then this accessory might not be necessary. However, it is a great option if you’re going for a rugged Milo look to contrast against that oh-so-sexy Princess Kida costume.

6. Bag: You have the outfit but where are you going to store all the lost treasures of Atlantis? You’re going to need a bag, and a big bag at that. Milo wears a crossbody messenger bag made out of what could be either leather or canvas.

7. Glasses: Everybody loves a nerd. Especially when that nerd is secretly JACKED. Much like Clark Kent, your round wireframe glasses will conceal your true secret identity.

Kida might appear to be the star of this couple’s costume at first glance. That is until you remove your nerd glasses and reveal what a hunk you really are.

8. Shepherd’s Journal: The book that kickstarted it all and guided the way to the Lost Empire of Atlantis. If you want to go all out and make your own authentic prop, check out this ‘how-to make Shepherd’s Journal from Instructables.

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Milo and Kida are one of our favorite couple’s costumes of all time. However, Atlantis: The Lost Empire is full of fun and innovative outfit ideas that anyone can get involved in.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out these amazing homemade costumes from some of the most talented Atlantis fans you’re likely to find on dry land.