How do I dress like Alan Wake? The Ultimate Cosplay Guide

How to dress like Alan Wake outfit and cosplay

Would you believe it? After over a decade, we have finally been promised a sequel to the cult classic Xbox 360 original, Alan Wake. Sure, numerous ports and a remaster have kept us somewhat satiated. However, it’s more than time to jump back into the not-so-tranquil town of Bright Falls for a whole new adventure. To celebrate, we have put together the ultimate Alan Wake outfit guide.

Because this layering king just doesn’t get enough love. Not since Leon Kennedy’s stylish revamp has a character so embodied that classic Americana aesthetic.

Unfortunately, developers Remedy Entertainment is yet to announce a firm release date for Alan Wake 2. However, they did confirm that development was in full swing last year. The latest update is that they still plan to meet their expected timeframe of 2023. So, fingers crossed.

To celebrate the upcoming release, we are delving into Alan Wake’s iconic look. As well as how you can achieve the perfect cosplay. Or, if you are just a fan of a casual layered look, how you can create a toned-down, everyday winter style.

The Alan Wake outfit in American Nightmare

What does Alan Wake wear in the American Nightmare DLC?

We will be focusing mainly on Alan Wake’s outfit from the main game. However, his look from the American Nightmare DLC is also super easy to achieve and a great cosplay option. Here he swaps out the multiple overcoats for a white and blue checked shirt over a plain white crew-neck tee. The shirt should be worn open and with rolled-up sleeves.

Alan Wake’s jeans are relaxed-fit in lightly-stressed blue denim. Very similar to Levi’s quality 559 relaxed straight jeans in Steely blue. Held up with a leather belt featuring a prominent buckle embossed with what looks like a Ram’s head. We couldn’t find an exact match for this particular prop. Though this Aries ram brass buckle on a leather belt comes pretty damn close.

Alan Wake’s boots are dark leather lace-ups with a differentiated toe. Similar, in style to boots from the incredible Thursday Boot Company, featured here in a driftwood brown.

Finally, no Alan Wake cosplay is complete without his signature flashlight. He uses a heavyweight portable metal flashlight of a variety most homes likely already possess. Though, if you don’t have one readily available, something simple like the KunHe heavy-duty flashlight will serve you well.

What do we know about Alan Wake 2?

Remedy Entertainment has been pretty tight-lipped on details so far, with the exception of some concept art and a teaser trailer. We know that release is slated for sometime in 2023. Also that Alan Wake 2 will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. A release is not expected for previous-gen consoles or the Nintendo Switch.

We do not yet know whether the setting of Alan Wake will return to Bright Falls . Remedy has confirmed that the sequel will focus more heavily on survival horror tropes rather than the more action-orientated original.

David Lynch has also alluded to the fact that Alan Wake 2 will continue to tackle serious themes, saying ‘We are diving deeper than ever, into an ocean of darkness.’ We only hope Alan Wake brings his iconic layered outfit with him, to keep him warm and all.

Where can I get Alan Wake’s outfit?

Alan Wake’s: jackets

Alan Wake wears three outer layers to keep himself warm in Bright Falls. The bottom layer is a simple and plain black zip-up hoodie. The middle layer is a green army-style jacket featuring two breast flap pockets. The final layer is Wake’s iconic tweed casual suit jacket.

The jacket is lightly patterned grey with one breast pocket, a two-button closure, and a peak lapel. Something very similar in style and formality to this herringbone single-breasted blazer. We recommend opting for a size or two larger than what you would normally wear to account for the extra layers and the more baggy fit of Alan’s suit jacket.

– jeans

Alan wears distressed and dusty jeans in a relaxed bootcut fit. The color is likely a faded dark blue or grey. Something like the classic boot cut style from Wrangler Authentics would work well and you can distress them even further at home if you prefer are more weathered look.

– boots

Alan Wake wears all-black leather boots with sturdy rubber soles. Although it is difficult to tell the exact fashion of his boots, they do not appear to be lace-ups which would suggest they may well be Chelsea boots. A more rugged pair than your average Chelsea boots would certainly work better here, such as the Morris Up waterproof boots from Clarks.


Alan Wake’s outfit reflects his origins as an everyday man struggling with writer’s block. It is an incredibly easy look to pull off and yet one that is instantly recognizable to fans of the series.

You may have to buy one or two of Alan Wake’s layered jacket ensembles but chances are you already have at least some of the building blocks for this cosplay ready and waiting in the back of your wardrobe. We look forward to seeing all of you flashlight wielders out there in the darkness soon!