Timon and Pumbaa Lion King DIY Costume Guides

Timon and Pumbaa DIY costume guide Lion King

Do you want to know how to make a Timon and Pumbaa costume from The Lion King? This is a great DIY project for friends or couple’s looking for a fun and easy matching costume idea. We show you exactly how to make the best costume here.

Pumbaa and Timon are central characters in the story of The Lion King. Together, they wander the wilderness that borders the Pride Lands and live a bohemian lifestyle – far away from the stresses of regular society.

When Simba comes to them a broken lion, after witnessing the death of his father, the duo shows him how to let go of his guilt and embrace his present circumstances.

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Despite their differences, the unlikely trio form an unbreakable bond that eventually leads to Simba taking his rightful place as ruler of the pride and proves the true value of friendship.

How to Make a Pumbaa Costume

Pumbaa (Lion King) DIY costume guide

Buy Pumbaa costume items:

  1. Unisex brown onesie
  2. Dark brown gloves
  3. Floppy animal ears
  4. Vampire fangs
  5. Fake red apple
  6. Warthog costume nose
  7. Hair gel

Pumbaa (voiced by Ernie Sabella in the original animated movie and Seth Rogan in the 2019 remake) is a loveable talking warthog. Known for his soft, friendly, and somewhat naive personality.

Like Timon, Pumbaa has found himself exiled from polite society and the rest of his tribe. Unable to control his flatulence, Pumbaa is forced to live in the jungles beyond the Pride Lands. It is here that they first encounter a young Simba and show him the ways of their carefree, ‘hakuna matata’ lifestyle.

Step 1: Pumbaa’s warthog outfit – Do you like partying in comfort? Boy, do we have the outfit for you. The main accessory for this DIY Pumbaa costume is literally a soft and cuddly brown onesie. From there you can add a pair of darker brown gloves, floppy ears, and a pig snout.

For the tusks, we recommend a pair of long vampire fangs that can be glued onto your lower canines with the included dental adhesive.

Step 2: Pumbaa’s hairstyle – Pumbaa has spiky brown hair that runs down the length of his head and neck – like a cross between a mohawk and mullet. If you have short hair then you can easily create a spiky finish down the center of your hair with some styling gel. If you have longer hair, a naturally messy and spiked ‘bedhead’ look also works well.

Step 3: The finishing touch – No hog roast is complete without a plump red apple in your mouth. You could use a real apple or an artificial apple (if you are worried you won’t be able to refrain from taking a bite). This is also a great accessory if you are planning on making matching Pumbaa and Timon costumes.

How to Make a Timon Costume

Timon (Lion King) DIY costume guide

Buy Timon costume items:

  1. Unisex Meerkat onesie
  2. Brown slippers
  3. Hawaiian flower necklace
  4. Luau hula skirt
  5. Red spray-on hair dye
  6. Black face paint
  7. Brown body paint

Timon (originally voiced by Nathan Lane and later by Billy Eichner) is a small and quick-witted meerkat with an energetic and comedic personality.

Despite meerkats being amongst the most sociable of all mammals, Timon decided to leave his tribe behind in order to join his exiled best friend, Pumbaa, for a carefree life out in the wilderness.

Together, Timon and Pumbaa teach Simba how to let go of past regrets and eventually aid him in his journey to become the rightful ruler of the Pride Lands.

Step 1: Timon’s meerkat outfit – This Timon DIY costume could not be any easier to make for yourself. All you need to start is a meerkat onesie and a pair of brown slippers or shoes. Do you mean I can attend a costume party in my pajamas? Yes, please!

Step 2: Hula girl accessories – This step is entirely optional but it is a really cool idea, especially if you and a friend are doing a matching Timon and Pumbaa costume. Add a pink or red flower necklace, a green luau skirt, and start practicing your best hula dance while belting out some choice Hakuna Matata notes.

Step 3: Timon costume makeup – The finishing touch; all that’s needed is a touch of black face paint around your nose and some brown body paint on your fingers and one-half of your Pumbaa and Timon costume is officially ready!

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